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Biased footage of William Jefferson and associates on FOX

Reported by Chrish - June 5, 2007 -

After viewing the Alternet article and viewing the video with it, I went back to check the Big Story segment about Representative William Jefferson's indictment to see if there was similar racist undertones. Sure enough, there were; not as obvious as depicted in Josh Marshall's Talking Point Memo, but there nonetheless.

At the beginning of John Gibson's segment about Jefferson, a black Democratic Congressman from Louisiana indicted on 16 counts of bribery, corruption, and other assorted crimes, there was unrelated video of Jefferson with NOLA Mayor Ray Nagin, also African-American. Following that was video of Jesse Jackson leading a march (with many other black Americans) holding a banner that read "Marching to reclaim our land."



The other video shown through the segment was of Jefferson and of men (presumably agents) removing boxes (presumably evidence) from a building (presumably Jefferson's home or office).