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Smears of the Week on FOX's 1/2 Hour News Hour

Reported by Deborah - June 4, 2007 -

The 1/2 Hour News Hour began with a warning alerting viewers that the content could be offensive and isn't real news which was probably supposed to be funny. The first sketch featured cigar smoking Rush Limbaugh in a tropical shirt drinking a marguerita in Mexico. Two bikini clad bimbos asking if he wanted his baby oil rubdown in front or back definitely fit into the offensive category. On the brighter side, Ann Coulter wasn't with him this time.

There were no surprises tonight. All the usual victims got whacked for the usual reasons.They made sure the viewers got to stay in their comfort zone with lots of one liners demanding little complex thought.

The ACLU commercial promoted NAMBLA and the Hollywood Charity ad wanted to send gay kids to a Barbara Streisand concert. Making fun of those generous Hollywood Elite types is a favorite on the show. "There is no I in Hollywood" is the line used.

Physical stuff is also considered hilarious. People who were fat, short, blind in wheelchairs or with feeding tubes were part of the fun too. Rosie O'Donnell paired with Elisabeth Hasslebeck on a Beauty and the Beast Playbill and the collapse of Nancy Pelosi's facelift were also subjects for jokes. Gotta keep things simple and superficial,

Hillary Clinton got two hits. One line about her marriage and another about ending elections. Al Gore got an android joke and John Edwards got a one liner about his money. Dennis Kucinch was ridiculed with this one. "Barack Obama got three secret service men and Dennis Kucinich got a red whistle." Since Kucinich and Biden are the only Democrats still signed on for the FOX debate, their joke might not have been appreciated at FNC.

The last five minutes went to Dennis Miller's rant which seemed extremely desperate and anxious. The show was completely flat and even the most dedicated FOX fans couldn't have been too impressed but who can say for sure.