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Jefferson indicted; Big Story suddenly gets politics

Reported by Chrish - June 4, 2007 -

No small surprise, the Big Story turned its attention briefly from Paris Hilton to Congress (remember Congress? all those investigations?) today 6/4/07 to exclaim over the multiple (16) indictments handed down on Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA). Jefferson was indicted on charges of money-laundering, bribery, corruption, racketeering, and other related crimes.

Throughout the segment, which included former prosecutor Lisa Pinto eagerly enumerating Jefferson's alleged wrongdoings, the banner read "Corrupt Congressman." Gibson wanted to know how ugly it might get, for Jefferson and for Democrats as a whole.

She thinks there's going to be a lot of dirty laundry aired and pounded the table for emphasis: "This man was dirty, dirty, dirty!"

Gibson, obviously wanting to taint the whole party for Jefferson's deeds, asked if it would be really embarrassing period for Democrats, and Pinto obliged, saying it's kind of funny that Speaker Pelosi promised to rid COngress of the "culture of corruption," yet it was so dirty down there in Alabama (sic). (Gibson corrected her, Louisiana.) She listed various actions he's alleged to have done, noted that his two aides have already pled guilty, and concludes that he's got no defense, nothing.

Gibson agreed, that in "that kind of situation" he should just plead and get it over with. (At this point there was a large photo of Jefferson on screen, with INDICTED staped across his face in large red letters.

Because some of Jefferson's family members are implicated, they think he will prefer to cooperate and make a deal, but if he doesn't....Gibson relishes the thought of a lengthy trial.

Comment: When Tom DeLay (R-TX) was indicted on charges in September 2005, we were not invited to ponder just how long he would serve in jail or who was going down with him. The investigation was politically motivated, we were told. DeLay was flown in to appear on FOX News Sunday to defend himself. He got a standing ovation at a Hannity pep rally. Jane Skinner and FOX Senior Legal Analyst posited one possible line of defense on Studio B. Trent Lott appeared on Dayside to cast aspersion on the prosecutor and spout the "ham sandwich" theory of law. When they weren't defending DeLay, they were silent.

The difference in treatment between members of the two political parties couldn't be more glaring. Fair and balanced? Are you not paying attention?