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Fox Republican Pollster Says Barack Obama Was The Loser On Last Night's Debate

Reported by Donna - June 4, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had Republican pollster, Frank Luntz on to describe how last night's Democratic debate went. Using his expertise (a machine that people turned up when they felt something was positive for the candidate and down when they felt negative about the candidate) and 31 local people, he declared who won and who lost.

*Luntz said that Barack Obama was the loser of the night. He also showed that his machine said that people felt negative when a candidate attacked another candidate. Luntz said that Senator Clinton got very postive results when she spoke about her husband.

The winner? Luntz said it was John Edwards.

Comments: 31 people doesn't give you a scientific poll. And having a questionable Republican pollster on to speak about the Democratic debate could make for a biased report. He could be skewing the info in favor of what's good for the Republicans.

Here's what Media Matters had to say about Frank Luntz:

Media Matters for America wrote a letter to MSNBC urging that Luntz not be included in the station's presidential debate coverage, due to "Luntz's partisan Republican ties and history of questionable scientific methodology." MSNBC did decide to cancel Luntz's participation, two days before the first debate. "I think they [MSNBC] buckled to political pressure," Luntz said. "They caved. . . . Why is it that Democrats are allowed to do this, but Republicans aren't?"*

Another report on Frank Luntz:

Journalist and blogger Joshua Micah Marshall, fact-checking a Luntz claim that "he's done no GOP work since 2001,"[7] describes regular briefings Luntz gave to the House Republican Caucus, at least as recently as mid-2004, and concludes: "Sounds like Luntz provides regular strategy briefings for Republicans and does it, not suprisingly, in part to troll for work." In a subsequent post, Marshall (expanding on others' reports) wrote, "According to the California Secretary of State's website, the Bill Simon (R) for Governor campaign paid Luntz about $80,000 in 2002 and 2003. He also got paid over $25,000 in 2003 by Darrell Issa's recall committee 'RESCUE CALIFORNIA'."*

Why should Democratic candidates be listening to advice from a Republican pollster? To be fair and balanced as Fox always claims they are they should have had a Democratic pollster on to give his/her report on the debate. We report, you decide.

*SourceWatch a project of the
Center for Media and Democracy