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Cavuto Lies in Order to Smear Democrats Over William Jefferson's Indictment

Reported by Melanie - June 4, 2007 -

The lead story today (June 4, 2007) on Fox's "premiere business news" program, Your World w/Neil Cavuto, was, not surprisingly, the indictment of Congressman William Jefferson (D-La). Instead of reporting the facts of Jefferson's indictment, Cavuto used it, of course, to smear Democrats. Too bad he couldn't make his point without lying.

Cavuto was in a twit because, even though news of the indictment was literally roughly two hours old, "as of this hour, not a single Democrat" was urging Jefferson "to step down," and Nancy Pelosi hadn't yet asked him to "just get out" of the House of Representatives. Lacking a Republican to use as an example, he made one up, saying that when Mark Foley (R-Fl) "was first brought up on these allegations, he was gone. He was toast. He was history."

Comment: That's a lie and anyone who was paying attention when the Foley scandal broke last fall knows it. At least eleven lawmakers and/or House staff members knew about Foley's sexual escapades with House pages a year or more before Foley resigned. And Foley wasn't forced out by righteous Republicans. They were colluding with him to keep it under wraps. Foley resigned when he realized the scandal would become breaking news, and of course, Fox did everything it could to minimize it the day it did.

I have never liked people who see nothing wrong with lying in order to win an argument or to make a point. But it really irks me when people with hour-long "news" programs, who call themselves "journalists" do it.