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Julie Shares Her Feelings

Reported by Chrish - June 3, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

Despite the pretense that the Big Story is part of the Fox “news” line-up, we know that it’s really news with agenda driven commentary. (Comment: like “friends with benefits”?) Julie Banderas is never shy about injecting her personal commentary into the discussions and last night’s program 6/2/07 was no exception.

FOX finally turned some attention to the pro-Chavez element (you know, the people who elected him multiple times) but their agenda was showing as they portrayed the supporters as bribed into being there.

Banderas interviewed Adam Housley who is covering the unrest in Venezuala. He reported on a massive pro-Chavez demonstration which, according to people he interviewed on the streets, consisted of government workers who were coerced into attending and given rewards for their participation. Banderas indignantly said that she “couldn’t imagine living in a country where the government forces you to go to a protest. That’s just insane.” (Comment; if Fox were forced to shut down and the White House “induced” people to protest, I wonder how she’d feel about that!)

But as the really big story was about the alleged terror plot at Kennedy Airport, Banderas interviewed Mike Ackerman, a former CIA operations officer about what happened. She started off with: “To talk about this, and the failed plot, it is a huge failed plot that does not mean though there are not other plots that they’re watching right now as we speak and we could be talking about another failed terror plot tomorrow.”

Ackerman responded that the authorities are most likely monitoring suspected terror groups and that he suspected that some in the Muslim community alerted the authorities regarding this plot. Banderas then noted that “this terror plot has not been linked to Al Qaeda, but these guys were first of all the guy whose gonna be tried next week – he is the ringleader here. He was an American, I mean he lived here in the US. I guess what are we doing to, I suppose, to get inside these Muslim communities.” Ackerman said that authorities get tips from pro-American Muslims, “who are a majority of American Muslims” (Comment: hear that, Hannity!) and who have no ties to Al Qaeda. He described this new terror group as a self generating cell and noted that the plot was not as lethal as it was portrayed as the pipeline could have been shut down.

Coincidentally, Banderas read an e-mail comment about how the “bigger story was about all the other pipelines” and wrapped up the segment by warning us that “if you live in the Mid-West or the West Coast, don’t think you’re not in harm’s way either.” (Comment: I thought the Bush administration was keeping us safe!) She then editorialized that “Today, thank God, nothing happened but what are further plots going to reveal about what the terrorists are trying to come up with.” (Comment: are you scared, yet!!!)

Later in the show, Banderas interviewed Republican Representative Mark Kerr about the terror plot. She began “at this point there is no link to Al Qaeda; but as we know Al Qaeda cells – homegrown cells – do exist in this country and not only in NY City, I should remind everyone. What is the rest of the country doing to prevent terror plots from unfolding in their towns?” (Comment: Julie, try the de-caff!)

Representative Kerr did discuss how part of the problem is that many fired employees at airports still have their security badges and that he and other members of Congress are looking into stopping this practice. Banderas continued with the histrionics by saying that “government officials have confirmed, and this is a quote, that there has been an increase in Al Qaeda chatter” which indicates that though this “wasn’t the big one, there’s another one in the works.” She added that these messages are the same type that we had before 9-11. To Rep. Kerr’s comment that we “need to increase our guard,” Banderas responded that “terrorists aren’t stupid and that’s a fact.” She concluded by saying “as my producer said, united we stand and I think that really, really is the message to be learned today.” (Comment: Thank you, Julie for that little sermonette and “deep thought”)

Comment: Why doesn’t Fox just do away with guests and let their commentators just rant about whatever topic is rant-worthy. Banderas' guests did have some interesting points which were lost under the weight of her commentary. I also am amazed that her guests are able to respond to her convoluted questions. Her producer’s “thought for the day” was downright laughable – how can Fox advocate for unity when it spends every waking moment tearing down every group that doesn’t support the president and every group of Americans that they deem unacceptable (immigrants, the ACLU, gays, liberals, Democrats, etc). Fox, like the president that they serve, is not a “uniter.”

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla