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Bill O'Reilly Savages Boulder Again While School Officials Recieve Threats

Reported by Deborah - June 2, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly has decided that Boulder, Colorado is a horrid place full of selfish school officials, cowardly political leaders, negligent parents and morally corrupted teenagers. This Boulder rampage has been going on all week and tonight he enlisted James Dobson, Focus on the Family, and Michelle Malkin to join his campaign to denigrate an entire town because he didn't approve of a WPA sex education forum at Boulder High School.

The people of Boulder have not appreciated the unfair barrage of negativity and according to the Daily Camera, there have been threats from O'Reilly followers who have been motivated to act out. Bud Jenkins and Dr. Helayne Jones were ambushed by O'Reilly's crew and had to call the police to get te O'Reilly crew to leave. One threatening e-mail involved torture and murder in retaliation for the WPA Forum.

Dr Jones had this to say about the situation.

"I have no problem with engaging in constructive dialogue about what's best for kids," Jones said. "However, the e-mails we are getting are threatening in tone, are abusive in language, and I don't think that kind of behavior is at all appropriate in a public dialogue about what's best for the education of our children."

Last night, 6/1, O'Reilly went after the Governor of Colorado complaining that he doesn't care because he hasn't returned his phone calls. Using a chyron stating " Boulder Out of Control" throughout the segment, he called Boulder an " extreme community" adding that it could never happen on Long Island where he lives.

Dobson ranted about Boulder being a " laughing stock" lacking " morality and decency". He brought up the possibility of criminal charges against the school officials but O'Reilly sounding disappointed thought it wouldn't go over legally. O'Reilly assured Dobson that this attack on Boulder was very important to his 'culture war"

In the next segment, BOR gave Michelle Malkin her opportunity to smear Boulder.She said she would pull her kids out of the Boulder school and wouldn't contribute tax dollars to pay for " sex and drug prostelytizing" adding that it's happening all over the country.

comment: If Bill O'Reilly really gave a damn about the kids in Boulder, he would consider being a decent role model . So far he has shown them that truth is less important than winning and bulluying people is an acceptable tactic. He's shown them that abuse of power is accepted in this world and how easy it can be to destroy other people with words.