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Studio B Gives Photo Op To President Bush and The President Of Iraq

Reported by Donna - May 31, 2007 -

Today on Studio B they cut into a segment with a 'Breaking News Alert.' The Alert? Why, a photo op with President Bush and the President of Iraq.

While still avoiding the day to day deaths in Iraq, Studio B settled instead for a photo op.

The president was full of words such as 'hope', 'achievements', 'benchmarks' in his speech. He spoke about the need for the Iraqis to achieve these benchmarks because if they weren't acheived they could embolden America's enemies.. His speech was peppered with 'working hard' on various things including debathification programs and of course, the benchmarks. He said that it was in our interest to destroy Al Qaeda so Iraq must prevail.

Then it was time for the Iraqi President, Jalal Talibani to speak. His speech was peppered with our most 'good friend, George Bush.' He said what an honor it was to be here with George Bush. He added that they would do their best to achieve progress and he was glad to have the support of George Bush. He spoke about good acheivements and national reconciliation in Iraq. He commented on how they had spoke about oil laws and debathification laws. He ended it with an 'our great friend, George Bush' and how there is 'hope.'

Comments: This was a staged photo op for the President and the President of Iraq. They spoke of hope and progress and in the meantime we are losing so many soldiers in Iraq, May has been one of the deadliest months. Civilian deaths are still high and this information is not disclosed on Studio B where you get all the good news all of the time. Can't have the truth, might be too much negativity, or reality in that.

This was no Breaking News Alert. This was a staged event to talk about the hope and achievements in Iraq.