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O'Reilly sics viewers on Tiller and Kansas Governor Sebelius

Reported by Chrish - May 31, 2007 -

Governor Kathleen Sebelius, a Democrat, has been on Fox'shit list since she commented that recovery efforts in tornado-ravaged Greensburg would be a bit slow because some of Kansas' National Guard equipment and troops are in Iraq (a true statement). It was spun into an attack on Bush which is not allowed - I think it was in a signing statement. Bill O'Reilly got his chance to take another shot at her last night 5/30/07 as she has recently vetoed legislation that would require Dr. George Tiller to release more medical details on late-term abortions.

"Killing babies" was the subject of the Talking Points Memo , and we were told that we should be very disturbed by what's happening in Kansas, no matter what our position is on abortion. Paraphrasing himself to "be more blunt," O'Reilly said that Tiller executes fetuses for $5,000, and "records show" that he'll do it for vague medical reasons.

What records? Show whom?

He charged that Tiller will "kill the fetus, viable outside the womb, if the mother wants it dead. No danger to the mother's life, no catastrophic damage if the woman delivers."

Again, where is he getting this information?

O'Reilly charged that Governor Sebelius is protecting Tiller, citing privacy issues, but obviously she is protecting the patients, the women seeking the procedure. He claims that Tiller has "killed thousands, thousands" of late term fetuses without explanation.

Explain it to who? You? So you can smear and condemn and vilify? Tiller is operating completely within Kansas law.

O'Reilly stated that there are only a handful of doctors who will perform late-term abortions, "because doctors know a viable life when they see it." Or perhaps they don't want to get shot at and endlessly harrassed by people riled up by the likes of O'Reilly.

O'Reilly pulled out all the stops. He had a statement on tape from a young woman who had an abortion when she was 14 years old, and she described the procedure in some detail. Taken out of context with no backstory this was useless but for the distaste factor. She is "haunted by her decision" to this day.

O'Reilly denied that this is about reproductive rights - it's about late-term abortion for "just about any reason." Has he interviewed those thousands and thousands of patients to come up with his charges? Or has someone in Tiller's office unethically revealed information to him? Perhaps working in concert with the former Attorney General, Phill Kline, who lost his job because of his zeal for intruding into women's abortions, O'Reilly gleaned details from "evidence" gathered by Kline?

He said that not only does Tiller have blood on his hands, so does Sebelius, and she and any other Kansas politicians who support Tiller's practice are not fit to serve.

That Bill O'reilly is talking with any certainty on an international network about ANY details illustrates why Tiller and Sebelius need to keep fighting to protect women's privacy. He can disapprove and lament and condemn all he wants, but until his body and his life are the ones in question he should mind his own business.

O'Reilly was flummoxed that ths is happening in Kansas, not Boulder or San Francisco.

He had a one-sided "interview" with a Kansas Representative, Ben Hodge, identified as from Kansas City but actually from suburban Olathe. Hodge thinks that Kansans, even the educated ones, are not aware that late-term abortions are legal. Is he kidding? Essentially they agreed on everything: Tiller's a monster, Sebelius is an enabler, she's in his pocket for campaign contributions, yada yada. Of course, Tiller is free to contribute to whomever he wants and it only makes sense that he would support a candidate who will not try to shut him down.

O'Reilly repeatedly used inflammatory language: killer, murder, murderer, barbarian, barabaric procedure, disgrace, his voice dripping with loathing. As Hodge was trying to explain the next steps he'll be taking in Kansas, O'Reilly overtalked and urged his "viewers all over the world" to contact the governor to tell her what they think.

For him to promote his show as THE no-spin zone is ludicrous. I'm starting to think of that circle in his graphics as a target because he's always got people in his sights.