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Hannity & Colmes Ignores Attack On Their Own Liberal Commentator, Bob Beckel

Reported by Ellen - May 31, 2007 -

“Fair and balanced” FOX News, so sensitive to the free speech rights of conservatives, almost completely ignored an attack on those same rights that just happened to belong to a liberal, even though the liberal was FOX News' own contributor, Bob Beckel.

As The Washington Post described it, Beckel, while waiting to pick up his kids last week, was sitting in his car festooned with anti-Bush bumper stickers put on “just to irritate my Fox colleagues.”

Two men in their 30s, who appeared to be workers from a nearby construction site, approached the rear of his car and began peeling off his bumper stickers.

Beckel said he jumped out and confronted the men: "Boys, get away from the bumper stickers."
"You got no respect for the presidency," answered one.

"I certainly do," Beckel says he told him. "It's this president that I have very little respect for."

When one of the men reached back down to rip off a sticker, Beckel says, he "gently" put his hand on the man's chest and pushed him back -- and the man reached over and sucker-punched the pundit in the face.

When Minuteman co-founder Jim Gilchrist got involved in fisticuffs with Columbia University students, he got a sympathetic platform on Hannity & Colmes. He called the liberal students who opposed him “domestic terrorists” and added that “Their goal is to disrupt and to deprive anyone else of the First Amendment except themselves.” Similarly, the now-discredited and disgraced Cpl. Matt Sanchez (aka gay porn actor Rod Majors) was welcomed for having suffered the supposed “withering verbal attack” over his military service he claimed to have received at Columbia where, as Sean Hannity dramatically announced, “opposing viewpoints are intimidated into silence.”

Yet there was no discussion on Hannity & Colmes of the comparable fate suffered by Beckel last week. One would hope that FOX News’ indifference to attempted intimidation of liberals would have been trumped by sympathy to one of their own. But there was barely a mention of it last night (5/30/07), when Beckel appeared on Hannity & Colmes to discuss Fred Thompson’s likely presidential candidacy.

Nothing likely would have been said at all had Beckel not referred to the incident, himself, at the end of the discussion. As Hannity was closing the segment about Thompson, he remarked how much he loved seeing Beckel “when we’re not arguing about the war, for once.”

Beckel said something about “fights about wars in the last couple days.”

“Yeah, I heard, by the way,” Hannity said. Then he moved on to promo the next segment.

Update: So far, I have learned of one discussion on FOX News about the Beckel incident. Can you imagine if the same thing had happened to, say, Ann Coulter how much discussion there would have been?