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Hannity To Dick Morris: Enough With The Hillary-Bashing

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2007 -

Dick Morris was on Hannity & Colmes last night, 5/29/07, to gloat about two upcoming books with damaging information on Hillary Clinton. But his glee was quickly tempered by Sean Hannity’s surprising lack of interest. To Morris’ obvious disappointment, Hannity maintained that attacking Clinton is a losing strategy for Republicans. But Morris could not let go of his Hillary obsession. No matter how many times Hannity reiterated his point, Morris reverted back to talking about Clinton. With video.

Hannity began his first of two go-rounds with Morris by saying, “I may surprise you here. I think Republicans, in terms of a political calculation, are making a big mistake if they want to regurgitate these old Clinton scandals. I think they ought to be focusing on securing our borders…”

Morris interrupted to say, “She keeps making new stuff.”

Hannity continued, “…a better plan for national security, fighting against these tax increases of the Democrats and having a better vision and an agenda.”

Morris agreed but he quickly relapsed into his Clinton fixation and brought up a story he claimed to have broken in the NY Post last week over Bill Clinton’s consulting fees from a company called Info USA.

Hannity graciously acknowledged the piece and suggested viewers go read the column. “But I’m gonna tell you, Dick, if people think – we know they vacillated on the war, we know they want the largest tax increase in history, we know she wants to socialize medicine… it is not a path to victory for any of these Republican candidates. They better inspire people with a better vision, better ideas, and focus on winning the war on terror, securing the borders, tax cuts and changing the tax code.”

Morris still couldn’t give up his preoccupation with Clinton. “OK, Sean, but the American people are entitled to ask the following question. What kind of judgment do Hillary and Bill have…”

Hannity said, “Hey, Dick. FOX News alert. The Clintons are corrupt. The American people get this… I think Republicans will be misguided if they don’t stay on message with positive ideas.”

Like a broken record, Morris was stuck on Clinton. “This is the first time we’ve ever had this Info USA relationship has (sic) ever been discussed on national television.”

Hannity thought the new information was not going to resonate with the public. “Dick, I love your research here on this… but in my mind this is all going to become in the minds of the American people Whitewater, travelgate, the Clinton women, impeachment…”

Morris still could not let it go. “This is very current. This is taking place right now.”

But as the segment ended, Hannity promoted “an all new episode of the Clinton Chapters coming up on Hannity’s America.”