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FOX News’ Plan To Bash John Edwards Doesn’t Turn Out As They Hoped

Reported by Ellen - May 30, 2007 -

Predictably, Hannity & Colmes joined the many other FOX News shows that have used John Edwards’ Memorial Day message as an excuse to trash him. Unfortunately, for Sean Hannity, things did not work out according to plan. Republican Rick Santorum not only refused to attack Edwards, he attacked President Bush instead. With video.

The discussion began with a clip of Edwards’ message in which he urged Americans to celebrate Memorial Day not just by going to a picnic. “Engage in an act of patriotism. Show how much you love this country and speak out in support of our troops and bring an end to this war.”

Alan Colmes asked Santorum if it was OK for President Bush to promote his war policy at Arlington Cemetary on Memorial Day and wasn’t that politics?

Santorum said that Bush was remembering the troops while Edwards was making a political statement. So far, so good for FOX News producers. But then Santorum made this suprising statement. “I’m not suggesting that what he did was wrong. I think what he did just shows you that this war is a winner for him. This is, this is his ticket to the White House. He’s out there in Iowa listening to what the people on the grass roots are saying and he believes that that is the way that he can get past the haircuts and all the other mistakes that his campaign has made which is to be the definitive antiwar candidate. And it shows one other thing. It shows how ineffective the president has been in selling this war.”

Santorum went on to say that a lot of Americans agree with Edwards that Bush sold the war based on patriotism because “(Bush has) not been very articulate here in the homefront in articulating the nature and the gravity of the threat we face.”

Then Santorum said that Bush is acting as though the threat is not serious “by negotiating with Iran, for example, who is out there capturing our citizens and now we see reports that they are helping both Sunni and Shia in Iraq kill our soldiers and yet we negotiated with them. So the president is just foundering all over the place.”

That opened the door for the other guest, Harold Ford, Jr., to ignore Colmes’ attempt to bring the subject back to Edwards and instead weigh in on the debacle in Iraq. “I think the larger issue is how do we craft a winning plan in Iraq… I think trying to referee a civil war… is not a winning strategy… What we need is a 21st Century version of containment from the 20th Century.” He went on to quote Senator Jim Webb. “He said you need not occupy a country to win this war. We didn’t have to occupy Russia, the Soviet Union, to win the Cold War. But in order to win that contest of ideas, we had to implement a broad strategy. We need the same when it comes to Iraq.”

Sean Hannity looked quite peeved but he remained polite and respectful, even when Ford added that he thought it was a good thing to open a dialogue with Iran. However, Hannity quickly turned the subject back to Edwards. “Does John Edwards, though, go too far, which is the topic here?”

No, Ford didn’t think so. More surprisingly, Santorum wouldn’t say so, either. He had only mild criticism for Edwards. “I think that it was probably not the best time (for Edwards) to do that. I think the rest of the statement that Alan read is certainly in play but to basically say that we should use this holiday to protest the war when – look, this is a war that we’re not just fighting in the streets of Baghdad. We’re also fighting it here. And the enemy knows that if public opinion does not hold for this war and we get out, they win. And so what Edwards is doing, saying he supports the troops at the same time calling for us to get out is not supporting the troops.”