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Finished with O'Donnell, O'Reilly attacks Edwards

Reported by Chrish - May 30, 2007 -

In his Talking Points Memo tonight 5/29/07, Bill O'Reilly admitted "no question, I made too much of the O'Donnell Story " and proceeded to continue to bash her. But wait - he wasn't content with just her tonight - John Edwards has made it to the top of O'Reilly'shit list and we found out where O'Reilly's mysterious "assignment" was last week.
With video.

After bringing up RO, he asked with a sneer "who really cares what this woman thinks?" (There's that dismissive, misogynistic term again.) Obviously he wants to inoculate his viewers against TIME Magazine's listing her as one of the world's 100 most influential people. It is eating him up; he makes a comment to undermine her popularity and reach every time he talks about her.

After the vicious drubbing he gave the hurting hostess last Friday, he backed down and said it's not so much her but rather the larger picture is the growing "anti-American" wave that's driven by the Internet. What he really means is anti-Bush, anti-war, and anti-Republican positions gaining strength, which threaten his comfy status quo. He labeled RO's opinions as "anti-American diatribes;" we all know by now they were anti-Bush administration, but to O'Reilly they are one and the same. He misrepresented her words and then said Fortune 500 companies should not sanction this "nonsense," and he will continue to challenge anyone who hires her - her voicing her views is "unacceptable." Take that, free speech! Bill O'Reilly is on a crusade to see that nobody gets on the air without his approval!

But he held his greatest contempt for John Edwards, whom he said "sold his soul to far-left interests." O'Reilly is incensed that Edwards said the "war on terror" is a bumper sticker slogan.

Highlighting Edwards' huge new home in North Carolina, O'Reilly charged that he's a hypocrite for living a wealthy lifestyle while talking about poverty in America, saying he's running a "preposterous" campaign. Edwards built the home across the road from a trailer park and O'Reilly's crew was on hand to interview some of the residents. According to O'Reilly, none of them had anything nice to say about Edwards and of course all the videos were of people saying disinterested or unflattering things.

Speaking of preposterous, O'Reilly said

"Now Talking Points tries to respect all of those who want to serve their country, but Edwards is an exception. I have no respect for him. He's a phony, and he's in the tank for special interests that damage this country. Edwards is going nowhere, but deserves to be called out."

Hilarious. O'Reilly is scared of Edwards: the more threatened he is by someone, the more he attacks. (Witness the O'Donnell assaults.) O'Reilly is positioning Edwards as a lackey of the "far-left" "which is telling him what to do" because he can't let his viewers see him as a leader who is growing a supportive following, people who care about the issues Edwards addresses. Edwards was the first candidate to have the guts (and good sense) to decline to participate in the FOX debates, both the (cancelled) one in Nevada and the upcoming one with the Congressional Black Caucus. That alone got him blacklisted on FOX but know what? Edwards couldn't care less.

O'Reilly had on two Democratic guests. Scott Levenson and (newlywed) Jane Fleming Kleeb. Although he shouted over and interrupted and was extremely sarcastic with them, they both manged to get some decent points across. He's losing his touch.

O'Reilly tried to place great emphasis on the negative feedback from the neighbors, as if to say that they know him best and don't like him. In actuality, they probably don't know him, resent him and at least to some degree envy him, but that doesn't give their opinions any great weight. O'Reilly says that since Edwards hasn't been over for iced tea, he's a phony.

This from the guy who lives in a Long Island mansion of his own, who demands fresh croissants from a bakery, who has a lovely manicure and nice expensive suits, yet continues to talk like he just came up the subway stairs and pretends to be one of the folks.