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Bill O'Reilly Fears Breakdown Of " White Christian Male Power Structure"

Reported by Deborah - May 30, 2007 -

O'Reilly started using a new tactic last night bringing up a Linda Chavez piece about Latino racism without attacking her. Instead he acknowledged the sentiment and claimed the open border people and New York Times want to destroy the "white christian male power structure". Tonight he returned to the phrase while talking with John McCain who seemed to understand O'Reilly's anxiety. 5/30/07

O'Reilly opened the interview with McCain claiming the debate about the the immigration bill was a Right/Left issue adding that it was seen as "rewarding bad behavior." McCain wanted BOR to know he was tough assuring him " they will pay a heavy price".

O'Reilly complained that The New York Times wants open borders and there will be 12 million with extended families coming in to bring the number up to 40 or 50 million which would destroy the Republican Party and change America. McCain seemed sympathetic to BOR's misgivings.

Then O'Reilly quietly pleaded with MCCain to understand the reality of his concerns and put a cap on the number of people allowed through

" The New York Times and the far left want to break down the white christian male power structure".

comment: What is O'Reilly saying ? What exactly is this this White Christian Male Power Structure and who is he claiming has been excluded from this exclusive group? Let's first look at his exclusion of all women which boggles the mind. Then of course anyone who does not check caucasian on application forms must also be excluded from the power structure. Now let's ponder what he means by Christian. Do you need to go to church weekly to qualify? What if you were raised in a mixed marriage and you celebrate Christmas and the Summer Solstice. What if you're Jewish, like a lot of the folks at the New York Times, does that mean you can't be part of the power structure too?. I guess O'Reilly can work out those details later when he tries to explain himself to all the people he horrified tonight.