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O'Reilly kicks O'Donnell when she's down, vows vendettas

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly was missing from the Factor all last week (ably replaced by other far-right hosts Michelle Malkin and John Kasich - fair and balanced oh yeah), purportedly "on assignment," like a real journalist. He couldn't wait until he returned to the studio to weigh in on the huuuuge news that Rosie O'Donnell was leaving The View immediately, several weeks before her contract expired, after a loud argument with right-wing co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and called in his hateful attack on O'Donnell from Monterey CA (where he "debated" with James Carville about the 2008 presidential race.)
With video.

O'Reilly's tirade against O'Donnell was full of invective. He bothered to interrupt his trip/vacation/assignment to tell viewers that O'Donnell "doesn't mean anything to anybody; she doesn't have any influence in this country..." Does anyone else see a disconnect here? (Remember how frosted the FOX folks were when she was named to TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People list? Seems to have stuck in the old buzzard's craw.)

Let's just list the invective and name-calling:

"...ill-informed, bitter woman"
"...absurd view of the world"
"...kooky, crazy, irresponsible stuff."
"...day in and day out, the woman parades her neuroses..."
"...this woman is so out of control..."
"...this is a troubled woman."
"...we're not gonna take garbage from Rosie O'Donnell..."
"...she's ill-informed..."

And let's also list the misrepresentations and lies:

"...she's saying that Americans killed 600,000 Iraqis"
"...9/11 was an inside job"
"...attacks Elisabeth Hasselbeck, or whatever guest, or whatever person she wants in very personal ways"

and the piece de resistance:
"...we just started to take her own words, and the hatred she has for her country - and that's what it is - You don't accuse your country of killing 3,000 on 9/11 and killing 600,000 Iraqis unless you despise your country. (his emphasis) It's not about Bush! (Yes! It Is!) She has a problem with America, and I think it goes back to the gay thing."

He claimed that the viewing public was asking ABC/Disney how long this was going to go on?
He also thinks that if any American corporation is going to hire her, from this moment on, it's gotta explain itself (presumably to him).

"...if a major corporation hires this woman and she does it (speaks her mind, contrary to his dictates) there's gonna be a war here."
He threatened to put the names of every sponsor of any show where she "does it" on the screen, insinuating he will call for massive boycotts. He's tired of her exercising her First Amendment rights America being run down by these people.

O'Reilly went on a self-glorifying rant about how he's going to be a superhero and go after any public figure, who makes millions from our system, who "attacks" our military, or the 9/11 Commission - he's not going to stand for it. (An educated guess says this "assignment" was planning sessions for how to divert us from the real news for the coming months, and his assignment is to get nastier and make more celebrity feuds. Good for ratings, good cover for the Bush administration.)

Donald Trump weighed in with his bile: she's "very self-destructive," "not a very bright person," "great disgrace to the Emmy's;" "she doesn't deserve Emmys," "she's not a very talented person," her "biggest problem is she's not very stable person," "she wears thin, people get tired of her crap." "She's trouble, she's troubled, she's a very sick person, she's got a lot of problems." "She's essentially a loser, and that's what happens to losers."

Kasich stated that ABC divorced her, not the other way around, and O'Reilly said that on the day she announced she wouldn't be coming back, he and Trump agreed (on the Factor) that there was no resignation, ABC basically threw her over the side and they both know this to be true (all reports to the contrary to be ignored).

This segment left me physically ill. Rosie O'Donnell has been upfront about her battles with depression and to hear these smug, vicious pricks attacking her and twisting her words even as she's retreated in pain was the most disgusting thing I've heard on the Factor.