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O'Donnell strikes back: O'Reilly is a "stupid, uninformed hatemonger"

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2007 -

John Kasich sat in for Bill O'Reilly again last night 5/28/07 (that makes it Kasich 4 - Malkin 2 non-right-wing-ideologues 0). JesusMaryandJoseph, the Top Story for the third day running was - Rosie O'Donnell. We should be glad, I guess, that her quitting her talk show is the biggest problem we have today! Life is good.

So now what? O'Donnell, in a video posted on her blog, responded to Bill O'Reilly's hateful comments of last Friday. Kasich replayed this part:

"...we just started to take her own words, and the hatred she has for her country - and that's what it is - You don't accuse your country of killing 3,000 on 9/11 and killing 600,000 Iraqis unless you despise your country. (his emphasis) It's not about Bush! She has a problem with America..."

Omitting the finale
"and I think it goes back to the gay thing."

O'Donnell reportedly said O'Reilly is a "stupid, uninformed hatemonger."

Yeah, so? This is news?

FNC Entertainment reporter Bill McCuddy came on to reinforce the FOX view, that O'Donnell is "lashing out against everyone." Another guest, obviously happy to be on tee vee, joined the bashing. All three piled on Rosie O'Donnell for her thoughts and words, accusing her of attacking Hasselbeck and "making her cry" right from the beginning. Kasich then made the 180 degree contradictory remark that "this thing got to be personal."

He's right, there. Last Wednesday, it got personal, and Hasselbeck revealed that she bought the right-wing smear machines' lies about Rosie and did not comprehend O'Donnell's heart. You could see O'Donnell's heart break, right there on television, as she realized that Hasselbeck thought O'Donnell was calling American troops terrorists.

O'Donnell has made abundantly clear that it is the Bush administration and the war, not the troops, that she despises. She doesn't trust this government, she has suspicions about their motives and means, and has a lot of unanswered questions that haunt her. That Hasselbeck refused to get that, that she would rather defend Bush against mounting evidence that he is incompetent and his administration completely corrupted, was a painful realization for O'Donnell. FOX anchors and guests are revelling in this very public personal feud, saying O'Donnell is playing the victim now.

What else would you call it, when she was harrassed and scrutinized and spun and twisted and ridiculed day after day on a purported "news channel"? She was repeatedly referred to as a bully, because she's loud, opinionated, and has her say. I don't recall Ann Coulter ever being called a bully on FOX, or being referred to repeatedly as "this woman."

Sigh. I wish they'd leave her alone. Kasich said there's a rumor CBS has offered her $20 million for a show. That's twice what O'Reilly makes - he'd have a hissy fit to be sure.