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More evidence of O'Reilly's political bias

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2007 -

Three cheers to Kevin Hollsinger at DailyKos for his analysis of Bill O'Reilly's columns dating from 1/17/01, wherein he simply counts the number of uses of certain words to illustrate O'Reilly's definite bias against the so-called left, and favored treatment of people with whom he is politically aligned (i.e., the right).

Hollsinger's work, taken with the damning scientific study at Indiana University released earlier this month, gives further lie to the claim that O'Reilly is "independent" and his show constitutes "THE No-Spin Zone." Factor in his claim that the far-right wing in American politics has been marginalized,

" Far right's been marginalized in this country. The establishment press ignores them and there are few elected officials who fit that profile. So there's not much going on in far-rightville. If there were, we would tell you about it." O'Reilly Factor 1/30/07
and the picture becomes even more undeniable. (Try as he might to "debunk" the IU study, all O'Reilly managed was to dismiss it, a FOX tactic we're well acquainted with.)

Hollsinger invites readers to use his work and citations as a jumping off place for further analysis.