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FOX proves Rosie O'Donnell right

Reported by Chrish - May 29, 2007 -

Rosie O'Donnell's main complaint lately has been that certain right-wing media pundits take what she says, edit it, twist it, and spin it, to fit their agenda of demonizing her. Named to TIME Magazine's list of Most Influential People of 2007, her outspoken liberal views and questioning of the Bush administration's policies and tactics make her a must-hit target for loyal Bush supporters. No surprise to find the crew at FOX News taking a leading role in the relentless attacks on her character, her personal life, and her politics.
With video.

There was a lull in the incessant Rosie-bashing after it was announced that she would be leaving ABC's The View when her current one-year contract expires next month. When remarks that she made May 17 were misconstrued and the right accused her of calling US troops terrorists, however, she found herself back in the spotlight, declaring her love for the troops and demanding another look at the over-use of the word "terrorism" by the Bush administration and other war supporters. In her book, all war is terrorism, a view shared by many.

When the right attacked Rosie, she found herself defending her words not only to the spin machine that is trying to take her down (and her loud, proud, liberal anti-war voice) but to her friend and colleague at The View, conservative Republican Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck has been characterized by the media as some sort of victim to O'Donnell's reputed bullying, a sweet young thang who loves God, country, and George W. Bush. As it happens, she can dish it out, as you'll see in the video below.

O'Donnell was obviously hurt by Hasselbeck's unwillingness to stand up for O'Donnell - not for her anti-war views, which Hasselbeck does not share, but for the attacks saying that O'Donnell called the US troops terrorists. As a co-worker and supposed friend, O'Donnell thought that Hasselbeck knew her well enough to know how big and good O'Donnell's heart is. It's the administration and the war that O'Donnell despises - any one with half a brain can see that - yet Hasselbeck bought into the propaganda that she willingly admits to watching. If the spin is that powerful that it can blind someone so close to the reality, it is easy to understand how so many, tuned into it 24/7, can be totally brainwashed.

Soooo, Wednesday 5/23 Joy Behar brought up and read a list of reasons why Bush should be removed from office, and ranted a while because she's mad that Al Gore is not running for president (where, as the most powerful man in the world, he could make great strides towards stopping global warming and repairing the damage). The whole time she spoke out against Bush, Hasselbeck made comments defending some of the points - for some she had no ready answers. When Behar complained that people are too busy watching "Dancing with the Stars" and "American Idol" types shows, Hasselbeck, an avid fan of them (and "The Bachelor" and others) got even more defensive and said that with Tivo people can watch it all, on their own schedules. (Excuse me, but she only works a couple of hours a day, 5 days a week at most, and can apparently spend the rest of her time watching TV. She doesn't realize what a life of privelege she leads.) Behar continued, to the applause of the audience, to say that this country should be furious. Hasselbeck said the 2008 elections are the country's opportunity to change direction, but, as Behar said, he can do an awful lot more damage in another year and a half.

Hasselbeck is opposed to the idea of setting a timeline for withdrawal, making sports analogies (her husband is a pro-football player) and got to talking about "the enemy". O'Donnell joined in at this point, and all hell broke out.

At one point O'Donnell said she didn't want to fight, because "here's how it gets spun in the media: Rosie, big fat lesbian loud Rosie, attacks innocent, pure, Christian Elisabeth, and I'm not doing it..." (She left out "pregnant", which some people seem to think makes a woman weaker.) Behar was pleading "Let me do it!"

So, FOX showed selected clips ad nauseum last night and all day today, and added their anti-Rosie slams and smears to let viewers know who's right and who's wrong in this feud. Some but not all comments follow:

Geraldo Rivera, Big Story substitute host 5/23:

"Rosie unleashing a verbal tirade against Elisabeth, but this time the smaller woman fought back."
"Rosie swore she wouldn't attack her View co-host Elisabeth while she was pregnant, but today the, uh, the, well the loud, the vociferous, just couldn't help herself. But this time the momma-to-be fought back hard."
(After selcted clips) "Man, that baby must be spinning around in her belly. I can't believe Rosie was so harsh with her."
(Asking a guest) "Do you say one was in the right and one was in the wrong? Was Rosie fighting dirty compared to Elisabeth?"

One guest stayed neutral and defended both women; the other guest (playing to the camera and not addressing Rivera, there in the studio with her) accused O'Donnell of making it personal and twisted the segment. Rivera gave her a "good job!" at the end of the segment.

Geraldo Rivera, Big Story substitute host 5/24:

"Find out what Barbara Walters and Donald Trump are saying about Rosie O'Donnell after her ferocious face-off with View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck."
"Elisabeth got a break today from her feuding co-host, as Rosie already had a scheduled day off..."
(To a guest) "So you think that Rosie is mean and a provocateur?" (No, answered the guest after Geraldo put those words in her mouth.)

Rivera was surprised and a little confused that both his guests, with differing politics, thought that Rosie was deeply hurt by Hasselbeck's failure to defend her, and if forced to choose would side with O'Donnell.

Video of Donald Trump, Big Story 5/24:

"Rosie's very self-destructive. She's going to leave at a certain period of time, and that's really what happened. Rosie wears thin. Rosie will go and do another show, and, like her first show, it will fail. So let's see what happens. As far as Elisabeth Hasselbeck, I've always said she's probably the dumbest person on television. But when she called me obnoxious, she was probably right."

It goes on and on, including Hannity and Colmes' guest (anti-crime crusader, ha) Curtis Sliwa who wants to take a shot at Rosie with a baseball bat, like a pinata. It has been revolting to watch all this hate froth out at her, an outspoken woman who is in pain at the world she is raising four children in, a world where other mothers are grieving, and to top it all off, the pain of finding out someone she thought was a friend publicly questioning her heart and intentions.

Here's the whole sad, ugly segment, unedited to demonize any one person: