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Fox Guest Calls Rosie 'The Hillary Clinton Of Daytime Television'

Reported by Donna - May 29, 2007 -

Even Studio B which is supposed to be a strictly news show had a segment on about Rosie O'Donnell and how controversial she is. Trace Gallagher, filling in for Shepard Smith couldn't quit saying how far left Rosie was.

His professional guest was an editor from US Magazine, Ken Baker. Baker called Rosie "The Hillary Clinton of Daytime Television." (Comment: Which is not true at all, Senator Clinton is more a centrist than a leftist) Then Gallagher said that Rosie's writer had been caught drawing moustaches on pictures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's pictures. (Comment: Not true either, one picture was drawn on)

Baker said that Rosie had worn out her welcome. He said Rosie is on the left and Elisabeth is on the right. This is when Gallagher piped in and said that Rosie was "far left" that she was "off the charts on the left."

The US editor said when it came to popularity that US had done a poll and 70% had favored Elisabeth over Rosie. (Comment: I've seen US's polls, they're not exactly scientific, they'll usually ask 100 people on the street a question)

At the end of the segment Baker admitted that while Rosie was very polarizing, she was also very popular and he expected to see her with her own show next fall, not this fall, but next fall.

Comment: Gallagher couldn't have been more effusive in saying how far to the left Rosie was while not commenting on Elisabeth as all, who had let people say that Rosie called our troops terrorists when she had done no such thing. It was Elisabeth who let people say this with not one remark out of her to the contrary. Maybe Gallagher should have said that Elisabeth was "off the charts to the right" to make it 'fair and balanced.'

And as far as being an all news show, they also reported on Lindsay Lohan and the Miss Universe Pageant. Maybe they're trying to compete with Entertainment Tonight.