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Fox Asks If New Blockbuster Books Will Hurt Hillary Clinton

Reported by Donna - May 29, 2007 -

Brian Kilmeade from Fox & Friends started off the debate by asking the Repbulican strategist if these blockbuster books were going to hurt Hillary Clinton.

The Republican strategist, Kellyanne Conway, said that she thought the new books were going to hurt Hillary Clinton. She said you have to look at the undecided voters, that these bombshell biographies give you another excuse to vote against her. She said there were two things, one that the content was damaging and number two the sources were devastating. Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff for 11 years and the Clinton's White House Secretary, amongst others.

The Democratic strategist, Julie Roginsky said she wasn't sure what these 'bombshells' were. She asked, 'What, that Bill Clinton cheated on her?' She was wondering how this was a bombshell against Hillary Clinton. Conway kept talking over her. She said it wasn't anyone's place to talk about the marriage.

The Republican strategist said it wasn't about the marriage, Roginsky said that of course it was. Conway said that it was a lack of judgement. Roginsky said of course it's not a lack of judgement, that if her husband cheated on her and she forgave him she wouldn't judge her. Roginsky got mad and said this was moralizing going on by people who have no idea what's going on inside a marriage.

Kilmeade asked Conway if this was going to do anything since all the information was already out there and Conway says it's fine at cocktail parties (meaning the elite) but Clinton was having a hard time beating the 50% polling amongst Democratic primary voters because people have nagging concerns about them. (Comment: Notice she said 'them') She said people were going to ask if it's worth it to go through eight more years of them.

Roginsky said it was worth having eight more years, that under Bill Clinton we had peace and prosperity, she personally didn't care about Monica Lewinsky and the voters didn't care either. She said the Democrats actually picked up seats after they went after Monica Lewinsky. She said the voters spoke in 1998 and no one cares about their marriage, the only ones who do is the moral majority.

Comments: It's all in how you frame it, Kilmeade asking if the blockbuster (we don't know that they'll be blockbusters) biographies will hurt (you notice he never questioned whether they might help) Hillary. And I'm so sick of them calling her Hillary, they don't call Senator John McCain, John, they call him Senator McCain.

There was also a giveaway at the end when the Republican strategist called her, 'them', like President Bill Clinton was running for office.