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Another Inevitable Book Bashing Hillary Clinton Gets Plug On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - May 29, 2007 -

A new book bashing Hillary Clinton, The Extreme Makeover Of Hillary Clinton, got plugged by author Bay Buchanan on The O'Reilly Factor last night. Buchanan claimed the new book reveals how Hillary Clinton has remade herself to run for office. As her discussion with John Kasich progressed, Bay Buchanan started to sound a lot like Dick Morris and appeared to be be just another extreme Clinton hater cashing in.

John Kasich didn't seem very supportive of the attack book genre. He told Buchanan that when he was in DC the personal attacks on Clinton's character always backfired. Buchanan claimed character was very important then asked these blunt and nasty questions about Clinton.

" Does she hold herself above the law? Does she lie anytime she wants?" adding that Clinton's "makeover hid her true character from the public.

Kasich mentioned that many Republican Senators have respect and admiration for Senator Clinton saying she's hardworking and dedicated. Buchananan shrugged it off with a sexist comment " You bat your eyes, they think you're great."

At this point Buchanan seemed agitated because Kasich wasn't making the bashing easy so she just let it rip. " One half of America thinks she's a liar and two thirds think she broke the law". She was all ready to continue but Kasich changed the subject tactfully.

When asked who she would support in the Republican field, Bay Buchanan had high praise for Tom Tancredo which pretty much says it all.