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Democrat Laura Schwartz Shines as GOP Shill Slimes John Edwards.

Reported by Marie Therese - May 28, 2007 -

When she first appeared on FOX News, Democratic strategist Laura Schwartz was an aggressive advocate for the Democrats' point of view. However, we News Hounds have watched with increasing dismay as she has been less and less effective and far more conciliatory, a situation that seems to date from the time she was hired as a FOX News Contributor. Lately, she's become a semi-regular guest on FOX's business shows, so it came as no surprise that she was tapped for a segment on today's Your World with Neil Cavuto, pitted against baby-faced radio talk show host Ben Ferguson. The topic? John Edwards' Memorial Day remarks. FOX ran the interview above a chyron that read JOHN EDWARDS: USING OUR TROOPS AS A CAMPAIGN TOOL? Which I thought was ironic, because FOX spent this whole show using the troops as a pep rally for Bush's failed Iraq policy! With video.

Ben Ferguson intrigues me. At age 22 he's the youngest radio talk show host on the air. Yet, the few available bios are perfunctory and sadly lacking in details. He graduated from a Christian high school, Westminister Academy in Memphis, attended the University of Mississippi, lives and broadcasts from Memphis, has a mom and dad (whose names are mysteriously never mentioned) and has, he says, been on the radio since he was thirteen years old. He spoke at the 2004 Republican Convention and is clearly being groomed to take over for that other baby-faced (now disgraced) Christian apologist and politician Ralph Reed.

I could almost tell you what the Moody Memo was at this morning's staff meeting at FOX News. It probably went something like this: "John Edwards has a pleasing personality and has been climbing in our internal polls. The hedge fund attack failed miserably. Let's be sure we run stories emphasizing his 'bring the troops home' stance in light of the honor and bravery of our fighting men on this Memorial Day."

Substitute host David Asman started off the segment with a clip of a John Edwards video, in which the Presidential candidate said "The best way to support them is for the President of the United States to do what America has demanded be done and that's to end this war. So this Memorial Day weekend don't stand quietly, don't just go to picnics, don't just gather with your friends. Engage in an act of patriotism. Show how much you love this country. And speak out in support of our troops and bring an end to this war."

Asman, who always acts as though he should have cheerleading pom-poms in both hands, asked if Edwards was using the troops to "raise campaign cash."

Ferguson started with a totally lame comment that perhaps Edwards didn't realize that Memorial Day was to honor all veterans of all wars, not just the Iraq War. In addition Ferguson said that just this one day, there should be no "protests."

Laura Schwartz came back at him with the fact that Edwards had specifically written on his blog that on Memorial Day itself, people should not engage in political protests, but instead take a care package to a veteran or visit a memorial grave site or thanks a soldier in person. Zap! There went Ferguson!

Ferguson tried to backtrack, claiming that it was not alright to protest on the Memorial Day WEEKEND. Schwartz pointed out that Ferguson himself had just finished saying that protests were fine on the other 364 days of the year. Zap! Another gotcha!

Frustrated, Ferguson tried to go back to his silly talking point that somehow Memorial Day had become about "this war" and not about the other wars. Schwartz agreed and noted that John Edwards' website says just that. She also spoke about her own trip to her father's American Legion meeting and explained that she had spent the day thanking veterans. Zap!

Good for you, Laura Schwartz! Maybe you've rediscovered your Democratic voice.