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Unbalanced FOX News Discussion Gives Plenty Of Time To Bash Democrats, Little Time To Defend Them

Reported by Ellen - May 26, 2007 -

In a 5/25/07 discussion on Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity plus two conservatives, Oliver North and Newt Gingrich, got about three minutes to bash Democrats over the Iraq funding bill while Alan Colmes, without any liberal guests to help defend the Dems, was interrupted after less than a minute. With video.

The segment was one of many promoting an upcoming benefit in Hawaii for Oliver North’s charity. Hannity, in Hawaii with North and Gingrich, began maneuvering the discussion into an attack on liberals at about 30 seconds in, when he mentioned that there would be picketers and protesters at the event. Gingrich dutifully responded, “I can’t imagine any American who would object to helping the children of our veterans.” But North went into a promotional spiel about his charity rather than take the bait. So a minute later, Hannity tried again.

“You wonder why this could be,” Hannity said, apparently referring to the protests. “But let me ask you in the context of just the news events this week. We literally had 14 senators that wouldn’t vote to fund the troops that many of them sent to war, into battle. We have a US senator, the head of the senate and the Democrats, saying that we’ve lost the war that he went to go send them fight. John Edwards says there’s no global war on terror. A week that Ahmadinejad wants to once again blow up Israel and the IAEA says he may have a nuclear weapon in three years.”

Gingrich didn’t need another prompt. He launched into an attack on Hillary Clinton for voting against the bill while pretending to be sympathetic to her. He said it’s sad to see the pressure she’s under from the left. He claimed that Obama “doesn’t have a clue… doesn’t know better.” Then, forgetting that he was positioning himself as sympathetic to Clinton, Gingrich added that Clinton's vote was “for the narrowest of political reasons.”

At 2:57 into the discussion Colmes jumped in to take his turn. He began by noting that three Republicans had also voted against the bill and questioned why nobody had complained about the Republicans' votes.

Gingrich answered by saying that the difference was that Republicans had voted against it because of the pork but, before Colmes could fully respond, Hannity broke in. “Hey, Alan, we only have a second,” Hannity said, at 3:45 in.

Gingrich had time to finish his answer, however. “The Japanese (in World War II) thought their only hope was that American politicians would cave and negotiate a treaty and my guess is if we’d had live coverage from Guadalcanal, you’d have seen a third of the Congress begging for a negotiated truce.”