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Tipsy Coulter Declares Iraq War Is Popular, Al Qaeda “Wrapped Up” And Other Falsehoods

Reported by Ellen - May 25, 2007 -

Ann Coulter seemed high again last night (5/24/07) on Hannity & Colmes as she stumbled and stuttered her way through a discussion about the passage of the Iraq war funding bill and the war on terror. Glassy-eyed and ridiculously overdressed, she giddily (and wrongly) insisted that the Iraq war is not unpopular, that Bush’s poll numbers were down only because of his stance on immigration, that the majority of Americans agree with conservatives on abortion and immigration and that Al Qaeda has been “wrapped up.” That is, she insisted those things when she could speak coherently. With video.

Early in the discussion, Sean Hannity asked Coulter what the passage of the Iraq war funding bill means for the president.

Coulter seemed out of it from the start. “It means what I was trying to tell your co-host a few weeks ago. Every time Democrats have a chance to vote against the war in Iraq, to vote against funding Iraq, to vote against, you know, increased funding for Iraq, um, you know, by a show of hands the, the Democrat senators and representatives suggest that these polls we keep hearing about, about how all of America hates Bush because of the war in Iraq are not true… What causes Bush’s poll numbers to go down is every time he comes out for amnesty for illegals.”

Hannity said nothing in response, but moved on to another question.

Still stumbling over her words, Coulter later said, “The Democrats have a problem and the Republicans really don’t.” In typical Coulter style, she claimed that the reason Senators Clinton and Obama didn’t vote for the funding bill is because “in order to get the nomination for the Party, they do have to appeal to a bunch of left-wing lunatics.”

Then, still unable to speak without stuttering, Coulter added, “You really, the, the, the conservative base of the Republican Party is much more reflective of the rest of the country on things like illegal immigration and abortion, the social issues that conservatives care about, and CERTAINLY (her emphasis) on the war.”

Once again, Hannity didn’t want to endorse that. He moved away from Coulter to bash John Edwards’ criticism of the global war on terrorism to Democrat Jane Fleming. Fleming is by far my favorite Democratic spokesperson on FOX News. She asked, “If Bush really believed that there was a global war on terror, then how come we’re only in Iraq? How come we haven’t gone after the terrorists who created Al Qaeda?”

Colmes interrupted to take his turn and began by pointing out that it’s not left-wing lunatics who are against the Bush administration’s prosecution of the war. “76% of the American public is not with Bush on this. He’s got the lowest approval ratings of his presidency.”

Probably as an attention-getting ploy, the middle-aged Coulter started giggling like a schoolgirl (probably because of her schoolgirl crush on the very married Colmes. Check out the grin on her face as he began talking to her). Unfortunately, her ploy worked.

Fortunately, Fleming soon jumped in to say, “We cannot continue status quo in Iraq. It’s not working. …This is now a national security issue. We had military leaders on the Hill this week saying that our National Guard is at 50% readiness. If we get hit by a terrorist, if we have a natural disaster, we are in serious trouble. Us being in Iraq has increased terrorism in Iraq by 30%. This is not working.”

Colmes added, “The terrorism in Iraq is not primarily Al Qaeda… and if we’re gonna be attacked again from Al Qaeda, it’s more likely to be staged from Afghanistan or Pakistan, say most terrorism experts. So, Ann, given the president’s philosophy, shouldn’t we be attacking those countries?”

Long pause. “Um, this is just a perfect example of how all you get is a word salad from Democrats.” Slurring her words again, Coulter added, “This is a Democrat word salad where we – well, we have to attack every country under the sun or nothing. We’re attacking, er, uh, Look, uh, talk to your own Democrats.” She giggled again.

“Here’s the point, Ann,” Colmes said. “If the president is going on and on about Al Qaeda and what a threat Al Qaeda is…”

In a tipsy voice, Coulter claimed that Al Qaeda is not a threat. “Actually, we have not been. I don’t think we really have been saying that very much since 9/11 when we’ve wrapped up most of Al Qaeda. But thanks for coming in five years later and telling us we should be attacking when we’ve already wrapped up. We DID attack them. They’re really – as, as, as, as Bush said, and you made fun of, he doesn’t really worry about Al Qaeda or Osama any more because we’ve wrapped up all the top guys.”

Fleming put in the last word. “He said he was going to hunt him down, dead or alive. Where is he?”