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O'Reilly fill-ins scoreboard 4-0 Right-wingers - going for clean sweep tomorrow

Reported by Chrish - May 25, 2007 -

So, say an independent, fair and balanced guy goes on vacation or assignment from his fair and balanced news program on his fair and balanced network, you'd think there'd be an interesting mix of guest hosts substituting for him, wouldn't you? Well, hell, I wouldn't know - I watch the O'Reilly Factor.

With the bloviator absent viewers have been subjected to the radical right-wing rantings (delivered oh so smoothly) of Michelle Malkin for two days, and tonight 5/24/07 was the second night for Republican right-winger John Kasich, host of his own show on FOX (Heartland).

Is FOX News afraid O'Reilly's followers will tune out if there is a liberal (or even moderate) guest host, or are they afraid the viewers might hear something contrary to the agenda that is so scrupulously cultivated night after night?

We report, you decide.