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Iran Threat On Fox - Again

Reported by Donna - May 24, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher filling in for Shepard Smith they spoke again about the threat from Iran. Are they actually pushing for war against Iran?

Gallagher said that Bush wanted beefed up sanctions for Iran for ignoring the demands and did not want them to have nuclear capabilities. Gallagher said all this was coming as a result of the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog saying that Iran had dramatically stepped up it's capabilities. He said that now there were nine U.S. warships packed with 17,000 sailors and marines and they were conducting war games within striking distance of Iran. (No, that's not pushing for war)

He welcomed Alireza Jafarzadeh, author of the book, The Iran Threat and he was also a Fox News Foreign Affairs Analyst. Gallagher said that the coming nuclear crisis seems to get closer everyday and that the president of Iran won't listen and that the sanctions have no teeth.

Of course Jafarzadeh agreed with him and said the experience of the past four years, trying to negotiate an agreement with Iran, have failed.

Gallagher wants to know why the IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei wants to give them a litlle nuclear capability and wants to keep acquiesing to Iran. Jafarzadeh said that's what Iran wants. Now he says that Iran is more advanced than ever and it's very dangerous.

Then Gallagher set up the scenerio, he said that he (the president of Iran) defies the UN, takes hostages of Iranian Americans and British sailors and he wanted to know what the last straw would be.

Jafarzadeh said that you have to add what Iran is doing in Iraq, killing the soldiers with roadside bombs that are built inside Iran and sent across the border to Iraq. Gallagher said they are being 'defiant till the end' and Jafarzadeh agreed that Iran was defiant until the end. He went on to say that they believe in Global Islamic rule and that's why we need to establish a totally diferent approach now.

Gallagher said we talk, talk, talk, and when is the time for action. Jafarzadeh said it was long overdue, the time for action. He said the United States needed to strike at the achilles heel of regime of Iran. He added that there had been 4,000 anti Iran demonstrations. Gallagher said they were fed up and Jafarzadeh said yes, they were fed up and we needed to stop hindering the efforts of the Iran opposition and put more pressure on the Iran regime to change the balance. (Comment: Uh, regime change, again?)

Comments: They have a person on who writes a book called 'The Iran Threat' and is also a Fox News Foreign Affairs analyst to discuss the situation in Iran. The segment was very one sided, of course. He's pushing for us to take action and support the opposition and do what? Cause regime change? Gallagher even set up the steps that Iran had taken, defiance, taking hostages and asking what the last resort would be, which Jafarzadeh said Iran had already taken by building the roadside bombs being used in Iraq. They laid out the reasons for war that sounded very similar to those laid out for the war with Iraq.

There also was no fair and balanced argument for this segment as both sides were laying out the case against Iran.

It was also convenient how at the beginning of the segment Gallagher spoke about the nine warships off the coast of Iran within striking distance of Tehran, as he said. I'd say they're making a case for war with Iran.