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Hannity Sub Wishes US Would Invade Britain

Reported by Ellen - May 24, 2007 -

General Wesley Clark finally provided some balance last night (5/23/07) to all the Hannity & Colmes warmongering of late. Clark was there to discuss the just-released intelligence about Bin Laden’s attempt to set up an Al Qaeda cell to strike Americans in Iraq. Clark firmly debunked conservative assertions that the intelligence demonstrated the importance of staying in Iraq. Then, as Clark said that Britain might be a more important arena for the war on terror, substitute co-host Mark Steyn replied, “If you’re proposing a US invasion of Britain, I’d be on board with that.” With video.

Presumably, Steyn was being at least somewhat facetious but it was clear that he was also at least somewhat sincere. As News Hounds has previously reported, Steyn has a history of bad taste and bad judgment.

Clark told Steyn, “We’re actually supercharging (Al Qaeda’s) recruiting efforts” by being in Iraq. Clark said that having our troops in Iraq is “probably not the best way” to fight Al Qaeda. “I think it’s probably the worst way.” Clark also said that Pakistan and maybe even Great Britain were more important centers of the war on terror. “Britain has the greatest number, apparently, of disaffected young Muslims who are looking for connections with Pakistan and seeking for ways to get into the fight.”

Steyn replied, “If you’re proposing a US invasion of Britain, I’d be on board with that.” Clark diplomatically ignored the statement.

During his portion of the discussion, Alan Colmes pointed out how Bush said in 2002 he was not very concerned about Bin Laden and didn't think about him much. “Did he take his eye off the proper target here?” Colmes asked.

Clark answered, “Well I think all along the president’s had a problem with the invasion of Iraq. It didn’t go the way he expected it to go, it was an unjustified action… and he’s been grasping at straws ever since.”

Clark continued by saying that Al Qaeda is clearly a threat but that military force should only be used as a last resort. “Military force has a counterproductive aspect to it. It’s very visible and it brings in more sympathizers and recruits so in some ways it’s counter-productive.”