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Breaking News: Fighting in Tripoli Escalates. Intense Shelling of Palestinian Camp.

Reported by Marie Therese - May 24, 2007 -

In its continuing effort to rout out an estimated 200 "Al Qaeda related" insurgents located in a camp in Tripoli, Lebanon, the Lebanese Army has begun an intense shelling of the entire camp. The camp is home to 40,000 displaced Palestinians. FOX reported yesterday that about 10,000 camp residents evacuated, leaving approximately 30,000 civilians still in the camp. According to Neil Cavuto, the citizens of Lebanon support this effort by the Lebanese government, even though there are expected to be a lot of civilian casualties. Neil Cavuto also said "And if you're Israel, you just sit back and watch, right?" Comment: It would seem that Cavuto has become aware that chaos in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East serves the political purposes of the Israeli government. FOX News is deluging its viewers with the words "Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda."