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Bill O'Reilly Bolsters Tony Blair By Diminishing Jane Fonda

Reported by Deborah - May 24, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly has been away from The Factor this week but checked in with a dose of bile just to keep his angry fans nourished and focused. This weekly column paid homage to Tony Blair painting him as an honorable,courageous and obviously sincere leader which BOR could have expressed without ripping up Jane Fonda to make his point. Of course, Jane Fonda provided the red meat for his hungry base and she's such an easy mark since she rarely has a chance to defend herself.

O'Reilly, profoundly moved by Tony Blair's speech in the Rose Garden, has fashioned a satisfying narrative about Iraq.

"There is no question in my mind that President Bush had no plan "B" when the Iraqi people decided not to fight for their freedom after Saddam fell. That is the crux of the mess in Iraq. If the Iraqis had cooperated with America and Britain the way the Kuwaitis did when we liberated them after the first Gulf War, President Bush and Tony Blair would have been riding high. But the Iraqis did not.
Instead, many Iraqis embraced ancient hatreds and corruption, and some even cooperated with al-Qaeda. The ensuing chaos and death is heartbreaking to those of us who believe Iraq could be a free nation, if only the people had the will."

Imagine poor O'Reilly's dismay when that very same night he came across Jane Fonda talking to Larry King on CNN

"That same evening, I stumbled across Jane Fonda on CNN, her second home. Ms. Fonda looked glassy-eyed as she rambled on about being in love--this time it was real, you know the drill"

So O'Reilly is suggesting that " glassy eyed" Fonda was high or crazed because she was talking about being in love . Is he also suggesting that she has no right to happiness at age 69?

The rest of his column is utterly predictable. Jane Fonda was bunched in with Rosie O'Donnell and Sean Penn and he started in with his usual divisive and hateful rhetoric.I counted 8 instances of name calling. All so predictable and unfortunatly too effective.

This time he added a little twist asking,
"Let me ask you this simple question. If you could have dinner with Jane Fonda or Tony Blair, which one would you pick? If each told you something, which one would you tend to believe? "

Now that's a no brainer for me. Jane, just tell me when and where.