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Malkin (pot) calls media (kettle) out for not sensationalizing horrific crime story, claims "reverse racism"

Reported by Chrish - May 23, 2007 -

Several weeks ago a reader wrote to ask why we weren't covering the horrific story out of Knoxville about a young couple who were kidnapped, raped, tortured, murdered, and mutilated. Knowing I wouldn't forget something like that, I did a little checking to verify it and to see what, if anything FOXNews.com had on it. Turns out the crime took place in January and was reported on the website, but it has not been sensationalized on FOX, as we've come to expect. Why not?

I don't know. But I do know that it was not given the wall-to-wall coverage afforded other victims, and for that I am truly grateful.

But now, four months after the crimes and initial arrests and charges, Michelle Malkin (subbing for Bill O'Reilly AGAIN 5/22/07) has discovered the story and is outraged at the lack of coverage from "the media." What??? FOX touts itself as the leader in cable news and O'Reilly's show in particular flaunts its ratings frequently. Commercials remind viewers all day long that they are watching the most watched news network in America. FOX IS the media, nitwit.

She outsourced the accusations of "reverse racism" to "a lot of bloggers," saying the local press was all over it (as they should be), and the AP ran a few pieces, but the story hasn't gotten a lot of attention nationally. Jumping on the bandwagon, she asked - is race a factor in the lack of reporting?

Her sole guest for the segment, Ellis Hennican, was unfamiliar with the story and did some research when he knew that he and Malkin would be talking about it. She inferred from the start that bloggers including herself were demanding to know why it wasn't covered, and wanted to know if race was a factor. But a check of her website shows that she linked to an article about the case once, in April, without comment, but has written furiously about it since May 16th.

Hennican said that the facts don't support an accusation of racism. It is a horrific crime, but no more deserving of the coverage Malkin is (just now) demanding than thousands of other vicious crimes across the country. The cops in Tennessee say there was no racial angle to the crimes and, sadly, it is not so different from the thousands of other murders committed in this country every year.

Malkin insisted that editors choose stories based on political correctness, and racial and ethnic bean-counters track percentages of coverage and make sure the news is presented with an eye to a certain image. She drew a parallel to a case in Wichita KS in 2000 when a couple of black men raped, robbed, and murdered a group of white people, and was indignant over the coverage of the Duke rape case (which I think nearly everyone agrees did NOT warrant the ridiculous overcoverage it got) (especially on FOX!)

Hennican said he must have worked with very different editors than she did, because his chose stories that told a good narrative and connected with people, maybe with a little mystery, maybe taught a lesson or two.

Hennican told her he'd stick with the facts on this one: the police and prosecutors say there is no racial anything, just brutal senseless crimes. it doesn't warrant 24/7 all across America, and that's a correct news judgment. Malkin claims the story has resonated all across America, the brutal details and the randomness make people aware it could be any one of us, and the unwillingness of the media (which includes FOX! Hello!) to cover it proves her point.

Hennican said even the families of the victims agree it was not racially motivated, so why does she (Malkin) want to bring race into it? She retorted why does he not want to talk about it?

Comment: The segment ended then, thankfully, because there's really nothing there. People who want more details about these disgusting crimes are sick voyeurs. All they should be concerned about is seeing that the legal system works properly and that justice is served in the end. Nothing can be accomplished by highlighting the race of the people involved, unless you consider encouraging more fear and divisiveness an accomplishment. Because a comparable crime involving people of the same races occurred across the country 7 years ago, Malkin wants to make a trend? It's a lame excuse to bash "the media," which falls flatter than usual because FOX is just as "guilty" as anyone else.

The over-reportage on Duke, Anna Nicole Smith, Natalee Holloway, Laci Petersen, Terri Schiavo, etc etc etc, prove Ellis Hennican to be correct. They are all human interest stories that are momentarily newsworthy, but the extended play-by-play "reporting" is a cover-up for news organizations who are too cheap, too lazy, and too greedy to actually deliver meaningful, useful news.