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John Kasich Complains Hollywood Cozy With Dictators

Reported by Deborah - May 23, 2007 -

John Kasich, in for Bill O'Reilly, did a low key, folksy McCarthyesque bit with Govindini Murty tonight complaining about Hollywood "cozying up" to dictators. Kasich was extremely vague about the accusations against Michael Moore and Danny Glover just adding them to a list including Speilberg and Belafonte while doing his "I'm real worried but too innocent to understand what's going on" routine. Govindini Murty , however, got the talking points across quite efficiently and even managed to connect Hollywood with Stalin and Hitler.

Murty, Liberty Film Festival, confidently shared her theories about Hollywood claiming it used to be conservative and turned left in the 60's and now the actors of that generation are trying to recapture their youth. She kept emphasizing how Hollywood is not naturally left but added how Stalin and Hitler kiked to use their filmakers.

Kasich grombled back about Michael Moore visiting Castro for healthcare and of course commented about Fred Thompson's friend being committed in Cuba and given shock ttreatments. No detail, dates or clarification about what he was talking about was offered. Then he rambled on about Danny Glover getting 20 million for a movie from Chavez and Chevy Chase and Belafonte did blah and blah.

Murty responded with a comment connecting Glover and Stalin and then got very upbeat about her hopes for a conservative Hollywood once again with the help of David Zucker and Joel Surnow, 1/2 Hour News Hour.

comment: Murty didn't mention if her plans for a conservative Hollywood would require some red baiting and blacklisting like the good ol days. Who needs Michael Moore, Danny Glover and Steven Spielberg when you have Joel Surnow and David Zucker.