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FOX News Guest: We Must Stay in Iraq So Israel Can Bomb Iran

Reported by Marie Therese - May 23, 2007 -

Brigitte Gabriel, radical Catholic activist and noted Arab-hater, to FOX News host Neil Cavuto, May 22, 2007: "We are coming up on an election. They [the Iranians] want to insure that the Democrats are gonna vote out - our troops out of Iraq for two reasons. First, in order to make it possible for Iran to control the region and second, because they know as long as we have our troops in Iraq, we will enable Israel to use the Iraqi air space in order for Israel to blow up or attack the Iranian nuclear plants in Iran. The only way Israel will be able to get to Iran is via the Iraqi air space. And if we withdraw out of there, it will make it much more possible for Israel to launch that attack." Finally. Some truth on FOX News. As for Gabriel's last statement, was it a slip of the tongue or did she let the cat out of the bag? Is Israel planning an imminent attack on Iran, with or without American blessing? With video.

Neil Cavuto likes to schedule Brigitte Gabriel and Michael "Mike" Evans together, since they so nicely reinforce each other's radical crash-and-burn scenarios.

Time for a reality check.

Mike Evans is another in a long line of apocalyptic Christians that pop up frequently on FOX News. (Cavuto scheduled a trifecta during this May 22nd show - Brigitte Gabriel, Mike Evans and Paul McGuire.)

FOX hosts never tell their viewers that these people have a hidden agenda that affects their attitudes towards the Middle East , i.e. in order for them to go to heaven, they believe that Israel must conquer its ancient biblical lands, now controlled by Muslims. As these end timers see their influence shrinking, they have gotten more and more desperate, creating hyperbolic threats and bending the truth.

Unfortunately, they have found a sympathetic ear in the Bush administration. Which is why it is very important to monitor what they say and do.

Case in point. When Evans told Cavuto that he talked with Iraqi officials, what he neglected to add is that they were Kurds in northern Iraq.

Lebanese-American Brigitte Gabriel, a Maronite Roman Catholic, is a good friend of the radical end-time preacher John Hagee, another of Cavuto's string of radical Christian guests. Gabriel despises the Arabic world and admires the Israelis, whom she credits with saving her life. She is married to some (undisclosed) American war correspondent and upon moving to America started an (unnamed) television services company. (I'm still searching for the names of the husband and the company. There seems to be an effort to cloak them in secrecy, which always makes me suspicious. Any help from our astute, educated readers would be appreciated!)

The British newspaper that Cavuto says first reported the story is The Guardian. The May 22nd story, written by Simon Tisdall, used only one unnamed "U. S. official" as a source and reads like it's been lifted from a Pentagon press release.

This is quite a departure for The Guardian. Usually their stories are better sourced.

The possible reason that Cavuto did not actually name the paper is that FOX News routinely bashes The Guardian as a left-wing rag.

And another thing.

Iranians are SHI'A.

Al Qaeda is SUNNI.

The Sunnis and the Shi'ites have been fighting each other for centuries.

It seems highly unlikely that Iran would let Al Qaeda operate openly and freely within its borders.

The fact that a single paper picked up the story yesterday allowed Cavuto to make the statement that a "British paper" had reported it, when in fact it is a standard White House propaganda piece, complete with "unnamed" U. S. source.

The last time the Pentagon tried this the same "unnamed source" stunt, it was an off-the-record comment about those Iranian weapons being used in Iraq. That source turned out to be Maj. Gen William Caldwell, the PR person for the Pentagon in Iraq. Oh, duh!

Here's some of what this Bush administration "source" had to say:

Any US decision to retaliate against Iran on its own territory could be taken only at the highest political level in Washington, the official said. But he indicated that American patience was wearing thin.

Warning that the US was "absolutely determined" to hit back hard wherever it was challenged by Iranian proxies or agents inside Iraq, he cited the case of five alleged members of the Revolutionary Guard's al-Quds force detained in Irbil in January. Despite strenuous protests from Tehran, which claims the men are diplomats, they have still not been released.

"Tehran is behaving like a racecourse gambler. They're betting on all the horses in the race, even on people they fundamentally don't trust," a senior administration official in Washington said. "They don't know what the outcome will be in Iraq. So they're hedging their bets."

The administration official also claimed that notwithstanding recent US and British overtures, Syria was still collaborating closely with Iran's strategy in Iraq.

"80% to 90%" of the foreign jihadis entering Iraq were doing so from Syrian territory, he said.

Despite recent diplomatic contacts, and an agreement to hold bilateral talks at ambassadorial level in Baghdad next week, US officials say there has been no let-up in hostile Iranian activities, including continuing support for violence, weapons smuggling and training.

The New Yorker's Seymour Hersh, among others, has predicted that the Bush administration will definitely attack Iran. Many of us are terrified of the consequences of such an action. From my point of view, the only entities that would benefit from the ensuing chaos are Big Oil, military suppliers and contractors and Israel.

What do you think? Is FOX News leading the charge for war? Are they acting alone or in concert with the Bush White House?

If it's true, is there anything we can do to STOP the madness?