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Doocy Asks ACLU Director If Some Of His Cases Bother Him

Reported by Donna - May 23, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends, Steve Doocy interviewed the Executive Director of the ACLU, Anthony Romero who recently came out with the book, In Defense of Our America.

The ACLU is not a favorite guest on Fox so Doocy kept it short and sweet and even went as far as asking Romero if some cases are so skeevy don't they even bother him.

Doocy began by asking Romero what he wanted to accomplish with his book. Romero said he wanted to show what it means to be an American, it was stories of people and what it's like to have rights in America. He talked about John Walker Lindh and said that most people don't know that he was tortured by the American Government, they kept a bullet wound in his thigh for over a week while they interrogated him and kept him from having a lawyer.

Then Doocy said that it was because he was considered an enemy combatant. (Comment: Like this gives us the right to torture, not attend bullet wounds and keep you from a lawyer?) Romero said they treated him as if he was outside the protection of rights. (Very good use of words there)

Then Doocy asked him why historically the ACLU had taken on cases where people go, 'I don't believe they're defending that guy.' Like they took on Westboro Baptist Church who wanted to picket funerals and NAMBLA, they took NAMBLA's side.

Romero said he had taken some awful clients but even awful people in America have rights. Everone has rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, rights to express themselves. That's when Doocy asked him if he said to himself that I know these people have rights but this case is so skeevy it even bothers me?

Romero explained that it went to the core principles. He said they might be so skeevy that he wouldn't invite them to his house or have dinner with them or sit down with them and talk to them like he was doing with Doocy but where their core rights are involved he explained, you bet we're going to deend them because you've got to defend the rights of all people in America.

Doocy said alright and concluded the interview.

Comments: Doocy seemed to want to put down Romero and the ACLU but Romero was a real professional who handled himself with ease.