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Melanie Morgan Cries “Censorship” Because PBS Won’t Allow The Same Hate-Mongering FOX News Welcomes

Reported by Ellen - May 22, 2007 -

Conservative talk show host Melanie Morgan got nearly five minutes on last night’s (5/21/07) Hannity & Colmes to whine, unopposed by any balancing guest, about her banishment from PBS’ NewsHour. Ignoring the gratuitous attacks she made during her 5/8/07 appearance on her fellow guest, Iraq war veteran Jon Soltz, and others who oppose the Iraq war, and “forgetting” that PBS got many letters complaining about her, Morgan and Sean Hannity concluded that it must be liberal bias preventing PBS from asking her back. With video.

Hate-mongering must have become so customary to Hannity and Morgan that they no longer recognize it (so long as the hate is aimed at a liberal, of course). Hannity insisted, “You are passionate in your view, you are always polite… I have never known you to say anything outrageous.” Evidently, he thinks it “polite” and non-outrageous for her to have said, “We’ve got a bull’s-eye painted on (Nancy Pelosi’s) big, wide, laughing eyes” (November 14, 2006) and “I think that if I were a young Muslim male, who had no evil intentions in my heart, I would be grateful for any additional profiling that would take place because that would mean my family and myself would be flying safely.” (December 5, 2006)

Therefore, Morgan’s statements on PBS must have seemed rather run-of-the-mill to her and Hannity: For example:

“I want to see victory, and apparently the Democrats don't, because otherwise why would you possibly conceive of funding a war in six-month increments? I would like to see Congressman Rahm Emanuel explain that plan or whatever it is that he seems to be proposing, along with commander-in-chief Nancy Pelosi, to our troops directly, to their face. Tell them that they are failing, that they have a failed, miserable performance, that they are losing. I'd like to see Mr. Soltz say that to the troops in the field, as well.”
“What it is about for you is political games.”
"And let me also say that I certainly would hope that the Democrats, if they're planning their strategy meetings with people like Mr. Soltz and MoveOn.org, others who are meeting daily in telephone conference calls, which we are not, by the way, on our side, that al-Qaida is listening to their results, as well. And I would really hope that they could put that energy into defeating the enemy rather than to accommodate some sort of political score, some sort of game to them to win elections in '08. And that's what we are doing."
(NewsHour transcript and video here.)

With her habitually sour face, Morgan claimed that her banishment was the result of a “bottom line effort” by Media Matters and demanded an apology from PBS.