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Malkin bloviates on immigration bill

Reported by Chrish - May 22, 2007 -

Michelle Malkin substituted for Bill O'Reilly again today 5/21/07. That's four for her (4/12, 4/30, 5/5, and 5/21), zero for Kirsten Powers. Now why would a network that brags about how "fair and balanced" they are consistently choose a radical right-wing Republican over an open-minded moderate?

The Talking Points Memo and Top Story were, surprise surprise, about the proposed immigration bill. How many times and how many ways can these folks say that they oppose giving illegal immigrants a way to make some amends and follow a program to become legal, tax-paying citizens? With her TPM called "Amnesty Shamnesty" there was really no need to listen.

Open-borders dream...pro-illegal crowd...immigration bill monstrosity...Wimpy (she is way too young to know that first-hand, but is scoring points with the senior citizen audience)...empty pledges... (eyerolls)...recycled, warmed over laws... (like your talking points)...grand promises....databases torpedoed by whining from the ACLU "etc"...(immigration lawyers and big business)...later, outrageous illegal 'alien' cop-shooter incident...danger of 'catch and release'...bill stuffed with goodies that reward illegal immigrants...Wimpies in Washington want to cut off debate and cram bill down our throats.

Incidentally, the Senate voted 69-23 last night to continue the debate, and Senate Leader Harry Reid postponed the vote on the bill for one week.

in light of that fact, Malking looks even more foolish as she sputtered with outrage at the prospect of a cloture vote before Senators even read the bill. Her guests, immigration attorney Susan Church and Daniel Griswold of the Cato Institute (billed as libertarian but funded by Castle Rock (Coors), Scaife, Olin Foundation, and other right-wing benefactors) were not in the studio.

Malkin knows best: she chastised both guests when they made reasonable statements in support of the current bill. She interrupted, overtalked, sometimes through clenched teeth, and at various times was sarcastic and dismissive, even laughing at the immigration lawyer who was speaking earnestly. She interrupted Griswold to ask her final hostile question: was there any, ANY limit to the number of foreign workers that you would accept? ANY limit?

Comment: Her disrespect and unmasked hostility towards her guests was very distasteful, and her guests looked unimpressed with her. I guess that's why she's chosen consistently over Powers - so the viewers won't miss O'Reilly so much.