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Diversity in Media

Reported by Chrish - May 22, 2007 -

A serious issue addressed at the National Conference on Media Reform is the lack of diversity in the media today. Not only is there an effort to stifle political points of view (witness the recent assaults on Rosie O'Donnell, Rocky Anderson, Sunsara Taylor), there is a noticeable habit of validating the trustworthiness of a very limited demographic. Nowhere was it more visible than today on The Big Story in a discussion of Jimmy Carter's comments.


Notice the rebel liberal, with his blue shirt.

Now I'm only half-kidding here. There were opposing views voiced by Steve McMahon (in blue) and Terry Holt and Jon Scott (white shirts). But the fact that they and every other show on FOX and the rest of the mainstream media was devoted today to over-analyzing and spinning a comment taken out of context - all of them focused on the same comment out of the entire interview, out of the whole world of spoken words - highlights the herd-like mentality of the whole corporate media industry.

24-hour cable "news" networks repeat the same stories ad nauseum and neglect literally millions of others. Likewise, we rarely hear from feminists and minorities commenting on mainstream stories; they are invited in for their "expertise" on "black issues" or "women's issues" or "immigrant issues." We rarely see young people represented except as up-and-coming suits or troublemakers. Stories about immigration and poverty and healthcare difficulties are presented on "fair and balanced" FOX as two-sided issues, and they pat themselves for allowing a whiner on to question the status quo, without representing that there are thousands of "sides" to these issues.

The Internet remains our best hope. The incoming AT&T CEO wants to make the web a two-tiered content provider, relegating most of us to second-class status. Sign the petition to the FCC at Common Cause to maintain Net Neutrality.