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Air America Is Officially Back! FOX News Misleads Its Audience Using Video Clips

Reported by Marie Therese - May 22, 2007 -

Mark Green, President of the newly restructured Air America, appeared as a guest yesterday on Your World with Neil Cavuto to announce the relaunch of Air America Radio. He did a stellar job of fielding Cavuto's nasty questions. As everyone knows, FOX News host Bill O'Reilly gloated mightily when it was finally announced that the beleaguered network was going into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. (Deborah covered this in a post last fall.) However, according to Green, Air America is back with new financing, a new web address and a new line-up. With video.

Cavuto set the tone for the interview by saying "Well, it looks like it could be back. Air America, the far left radio network, went bust, losing $40 million, relaunching today with new talent and new money. But, is it a money-making venture or simply a platform for liberals with deep pockets, who view the investment as more of a political donation?" Green responded "Look, we are no more the far left radio network than you, of course, are the far right television network, so, beyond the pejoratives, I introduce myself as the Roger Ailes of radio, meaning that FOX, of course - big idea - five years, lost several hundred millions of dollars, but you had a backer - Rupert Murdoch. You found your audience - or your audience found you. And here you are. Congratulations!"

"Three years into this big idea of Air America, which is a progressive national network - radio, talk radio for progressive patriots - it went bankrupt, Chapter 11, in October," Green said. "My brother bought it out of bankruptcy. I'm now the President. And the model is to find an audience and we're gonna do it more quickly than the five years and half billion it took FOX."

During most of the interview FOX News engaged in what I call "visual deception", i.e., they aired clips of Al Franken, who is not in the new Air America line-up. This is because FOX knew that their dedicated viewers would react negatively to Franken's image, having been preconditioned to do so by FOX and conservative talk radio hosts.

Therefore, while Mark Green outlined the new roster of talk show hosts, FOX was airing a clip of Al Franken. Talk about misleading one's viewers! This kind of distortion is nothing new for FOX News.

Green pointed out that, if one looks at the war and Bush, "the country is tilting progressive."

When Cavuto queried him about advertising, Green admitted that because of the pro-environment leanings of progressive radio, it is harder to attract sponsors that do not want to advertise on a network that questions the motivations of corporate entities. As a result, Green noted that they are seeking advertisers like Newman's Own and Whole Foods.

All in all, this was a solid interview and Green handled himself well. I especially loved the bit about how Rupert Murdoch carried FOX News for five years! A real "gotcha" moment!

You can check out Air America's new website by going to AirAmerica.com.

We wish them all the best and hope that Mark Green's prediction of success comes true!