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Studio B Makes Light Of New Gas Increases

Reported by Donna - May 21, 2007 -

In a segment on rising gas prices, Studio B reported that they were at an all time high of $3.20 a gallon. Here's how Shepard Smith put it, "Well you're now paying more for gasoline than anyone ever has ever before in this nation even after adjusting for inflation, so say some congratulatory words to your neighbors."

This tops a record going all the way back to 1981. Oil prices are also up. Then Smith said, "The summer driving season is just starting this weekend, so yoo-hoo!" He added that Triple A has said that prices will just keep going up, which means big profits for big oil.

Comment: Well, Smith can share congratulatory words with his neighbor and he can yoo-hoo all he likes but there are people suffering from these high prices of gas. I don't think a cavalier attitude should be taken in response to these record high prices. I think some hard hitting journalism should be called for in response to these high gas prices.