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Jimmy Carter Put Down By Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - May 21, 2007 -

Instead of focusing on the good that Jimmy Carter has done when he was president, (brokering the Middle East peace talks) and all the good he's done after his presidency, saving literally millions of African children from Guinea worm disease which is down from 3.5 million cases to fewer than 11,000 by Dec. 31, 2005, and winning a Nobel Peace Prize, Fox went after Jimmy Carter's economic record in order to put him down because of the remarks he made about the Bush Administration.

Doocy started it with his sarcastic remarks about remembering back in the day when he was in high school and Jimmy Carter was president and what people did for fun was get in line for gas. And then he said that the line for gas would sometimes be 2, 3, 4, 5 miles long. He said of course that depended on if it was an odd day or an even day or if that was a day you could even get gas. Doocy said he also remembered his mom and dad buying a house and the interest rate was about 18%.

So, Doocy said, "you really wonder about the Carter administration when Jimmy Carter now takes aim at another president, saying the guy's doing a bad job."

Kilmeade piped in that Carter said that the Bush administration has the worst foreign policy in U.S. history, and also said that it's been an overt reversal of American basic values, one biographer said his criticism was unprecedented in U.S. history.

A banner was on the screen that said:

"I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this administration has been the worst in history." Fomer President Jimmy Carter Arkansaw Democrat-Gazette May 19.

Camerota tuned in and said this biographer was basically saying these were 'fighting words.' She said that the biographer said it was so violatile to say that, you wonder what President Carter is going to say next. Kilmeade piped in that perhaps after Bush was out of office, Carter was going to reach over past "President Clinton and go after his jugular." Then Kilmeade screamed that two of the problems that Carter allowed to happen when he was president, Afghanistan and Iraq were still happening today. (Comment: He actually yelled this. I think the president of today has a little more responsibility for Iran and Afghanistan and as far as Afghanistan, it was Bush 41 who started the original Gulf War that made Osama Bin Laden so upset that he said this was the reason that 9/11 happened)

Doocy said that Jimmy Carter doesnt' like the way Bush has handled Iraq, he doesn't like the fact that Tony Blair is Bush's poodle, he essentially says. Then Kilmeade jumped in again, yelling, "He blames Blair." Doocy said that Carter doesn't like Bush's environmental message (Comment: I didn't know he had one) and he doesn't like the presidents faith based initiatives, either. Doocy said it was one thing when politicians disagree but it was extraordinary for this man who was a member of the most exclusive group on the planet to take shots at another president.

Then Doocy said in history he didn't remember another former president saying anything about another president. He said Ford didn't say anything, Reagan didn't say anything and Nixon didn't say anything. (Comment: I'm sorry, but what was Nixon going to say about anyone else's presidency?)

Then Kilmeade pretended he was getting a message over his earphone and held his hand to his ear and said to hold on a minute, that Jimmy Carter just got another Nobel Peace Prize. They all laughed.

Camerota said that the White House had issued a statement that said Carter was becoming increasingly irrelevant. Kilmeade said that people look up to Carter around the world, proving that Bush is off the rail.

So the three stooges had their poll for the day, you could call in to vote if Carter was credible or a crackpot.

Comments: This was just one segment on Jimmy Carter, they did another one in the next hour. They slanted the whole story saying how awful Jimmy Carter was and didn't point out any of his humanitarian works. He's saved literally millions of African children.

I'd also rather have some bad economic news (Comment: Look at the gas prices today) than be at war and have over 3400 of our troops killed and over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqi citizens dead because of us.

This segment was a joke, as were the hosts who conducted it. Completely slanted against Carter and still looking up to their hero, Bush, for doing what? I have no idea.