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Immigration Is A Big Story on The Big Story

Reported by Chrish - May 20, 2007 -

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla

In between comments about how General Petraeus “knows who captured the three missing US soldiers” (not exactly the case, according to MSNBC) illegal immigration was a running theme throughout the Big Story yesterday May 19. What started as a discussion of whether “9-11 was fading to make room for other issues,” specifically health care, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth (AZ-R) hijacked the discussion to how border control and “amnesty” are just as important to “our side.” (Comment: Hayworth is being investigated by the Justice Department for possible illegal activities connected to Jack Abramoff) Thankfully (and no thanks to Julie), the other guest, former Congressman Ron Klink (PA-D), got back on topic.

In her preview to another segment on the new immigration bill, Banderas noted that “a lot of people are arguing” about the proposed immigration bill. She noted that the bill is meant to “resolve the status of millions of illegals living here in the US – illegals living here.” (her emphasis)

Fox correspondent Mike Emmanuel said that Bush touched on the disagreement over the bill during his radio address. (Comment: despite the disagreement, this bill was crafted in a bi-partisan manner but Fox doesn’t really want you to know that.)
Emmauel then mentioned the verbal interchange between Senators Cornyn and McCain. He said that because this was a “family show” he couldn’t go into detail about the words used. (Comment: despite this being a “family show,” there were several previews for an upcoming promo of the Fox “comedy” show with the chyron “war on strippers” and film of thonged derrières of topless babes on the beach).

The next immigration segment wasn’t quite as Banderas would have hoped it would be. The first topic, to be discussed with radio talk show hosts Rob Thompson and Paul W. Smith, was about the city of Santa Fe considering the recruitment of Mexicans to patrol the border. Banderas wanted to know about the screening process and if we could “trust this idea.” Thompson commented that the military was already recruiting foreign nationals with the promise of citizenship to which Smith responded that if this could help secure the border, it was a good idea.

Banderas took a call from Daryl from New Hampshire (who must not be watching the same Banderas as I was) who told Julie that “you compliment fair and balanced with your intelligence.” Predictably, he was against the legislation. Beverly from Texas was a Bush supporter and liked the bill. Smith said that Beverly was right and the fact that people at both ends of the political spectrum are angry indicates that the bill shows a movement to the middle.

Banderas, quite perplexed at this liberality, said “OK, OK, but let’s talk about the millions who are here, this bill means that they can be bringing in their families” at which point, Smith said “just like our grandparents” and to which Thompson commented “well said.” Visibly flummoxed, Banderas asked if the millions who were waiting to come here legally needed to go to the back of the line. Thompson responded that immigrant families have always brought families. Both he and Smith agreed that the details of the bill need to be ironed out. What was significant was that they both agreed - did Banderas get punked?!

Comment: Fox’s spins its treatment of immigration to those who don’t like immigrants. Banderas' emphasis on the “millions” of illegal immigrants underscores what Fox sees as the brown “peril.” The not so subtle references to the “disagreements” over the Senate bill reinforce the idea that any compromise is unworkable. That Bush supports this type of immigration reform must be difficult for Fox to spin, so any mention of Bush, in this context, is kept to a minimum. But as seen by the “fair and balanced” debate, there is some agreement between both sides. Fox News, which seeks to polarize and divide, doesn’t like agreement and consensus.

Note: Guest blogged by Priscilla