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Here's More of Our Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - May 20, 2007 -

We thought you might be interested to know what we're hearing from the ether, so here's another edition (May 20, 2007) of our regular hate mail post. Included here are a few emails that appear to be intended for Fox. How a writer could confuse our site with Fox's, we'll never, EVER know.

The emails below appear here exactly as they do in our inbox -- typos and all -- though the sender's identity has been omitted to protect, as "some say," the ignorant.



May 2, 2007. Subject: Don't break out the champagne prematurely

When will you realize you are 100% communist? Do you realize that the nazi party was the "national socialist" party? You believe in the first amendment.....as long as whoever is speaking agrees with you. You attack fox news....when CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC,NPR,(paid by the taxpayer-could you imagine if a conservative was put on the air using taxpayer's money, all hell would break loose) MSNBC, the new york times, l.a. times, and every other paper in the country is heavily left leaning.

But that's not good enough for you. Only your point of view is aloud to be heard. You need a monopoly. Read this entire article below and ask yourself some questions. Why was "air america" such a hugely pathetic failure???? Answer: The left is unable to compete with
conservatives in the arena of rhetoric, facts and reasoned argument. So now you have to resort to censorship.

Just answer one question for me. You attack fox news every second. Do you hold Dan Rather up as an example of good journalism? A person who made up a story in order to attempt to steal an election.


Don't break out the champagne prematurely... this will absolutely
cause a civil war....


May 3, 2007. Subject: No Subject

Your website is hilarious. My household was just recently a Neilsen family and I gave Fox News my largest viewing block. I've never heard of you til today, but you have been focusing on me the Fox viewer for years. That is choice! It is a pleaseure to have enjoyed Fox programming during my tracking period, but not nearly as pleasurable as knowing I unwittingly unravelled your efforts. Your website paints your style as losers who are poor sports. Baby whiners. So typical and cliche' of those on the left. You leftys are nothing if not consistent. The reason Fox continues to gather more viewers to its table is because it is the EXCLUSIVE outlet for fair and balanced news. Every other network/outlet operates on the same agenda, and the wise people of America have figured that out. I know you have more hatered and divisiveness to attend to, so I will let you go.

May 4, 2007. Subject: How dare you!

Your audacious critique on O'Reilly versus a barbary such as your beloved George Tiller is really pathetic.
There are young teens who've been raped and other horrors but do the perps get convicted? Nope, they
get to take the young ladies to have abortions. And then there's the women who may be married, forget to
tell their husbands that they're pregnant, but do the fathers of the babies ever know? Nope your boy
Tiller helps erase all evidence.
There's really an irony where late term abortion is concerned. How could any mom-to-be, (knowing of
the vile procedure) allow that practice in the first place? How could any HUMANE person perform such a
procedure? Both parties are either extremely desperate or lack no moral fibers. I think the first is the
case for the women who may be desperate, but as for Tiller-he's the one with no moral fibers, combined
with absolutely no conscience. And I bet neither you, nor your Tiller boy would treat a DOG that way!
Just think, maybe you might not be here if your mother decided to extinguish you!

May 7, 2007. Subject: You are nuts!!! on Red Eye

Leave Kevin Godlington alone.... his crudentials speak for themselves. Educate your self before you flap your uneducated mouth.

May 7, 2007. Subject: Re: Do I smell Illegal Money on your Hands? Or Your Corporate Owners?

You people need to get a life. Fox leans less to the right than the NY Times leans to the rabid left. It is a backlash to folks like you who are fueling a new wave of States Rights and Federalism. Those hysterical rantings in the Main Stream Media and folks like your group are becoming a joke.

Most people in the USA do not agree with your whacked out Open Borders Groups.

And I am stunned that you would form a PigPeople Group.

that is tasteless and demeaning.

Show that you have clout. Stop the war in Iraq. Now that is something worth doing.

May 8, 2007. Subject: A Most Revealing Byline

Daer NewsHounds, You watch FOX so others don't have to? Who are those others? Does it include The Big Three, whose news ratings are tanking while Fox's are skyrocketing? Maybe they SHOULD be watching FOX. They might learn something, like it's OK to have Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera types going at it like cats and dogs. You should've seen the ratings on that one.

More important, you should see the YouTube hits on video excerpts of that heated exchange. Six and seven digits. Might learn a lot from the comments to those videos from the thousands, if not tens of thousands of ordinary YouTube viewers, too. Might be gold in them thar hills.

Not holding my breath. And therein lies the rub. This is the whole problem today as I see it. Conservatives are open-minded, liberals are not. No GOP presidential candidate backed out from the MSNBC debate because they're overtly left-wing. Democrats, on the other hand...

BTW I read the New York Times on Sunday so others didn't have to. Not because they fear or detest the Times, as you obviously do FOX, but because they already know what they're going to read before it's even printed. Who wants to buy old news?

I even caught them with their pants down on Sunday (email attached). You might call it cherry-picking, but that backhand about LIBERAL professors who support the Second Amendment being publicity hounds or intellectually dishonest leaps off the page.

You're in BIG trouble when you start eating your own. Not good for circulation figures, I would imagine. Might have even lost a few liberal readers on that one. Readers they can ill afford to lose, having alienated conservatives like me long ago. But that's Captain Ahab for you.

I do not fear the Times, or the Globe, or the Tribune, or the AJC, or even The Big Three and MSNBC, or even CNN. Why does FOX instill such fear and loathing in liberals? Don't answer, it's a rhetorical question. I already know. No news there.

Call me full of shit if you like. The MSM outlets I sent these emails to can say the same thing, and probably will. It's my fault, not theirs. Blame everyone and everything else. But as their numbers continue to tank, I'll know why. They won't.

I might even have bought a copy of the Times this Sunday if Adam Liptik had written a more objective and investigative article. After seeing him slam liberal professors who hold opposing viewpoints on gun rights, why should I have? I knew what I was going to read.

As long as I know what I'm going to read or see on TV news, what's the point? AT least FOX and newspapers like USA Today and the Post (whose figures are rising, BTW) challenge and even surprise me. They also allow many opposing viewpoints, like newspapers SHOULD. I dare you to find any in the Times, or on the Big Three. That's why they're dying.

If you found this article offensive and distasteful, I'm sure you can find somebody to read it so you don't have to. Not that it matters. To me, that is. My numbers aren't dropping off like the Continental Shelf. Going up, actually, but's that's another story.

May 8, 2007. Subject: Reply to your web page

[The font on this one was roughly 24 and the print was blue.]

Lighten up....the world is falling apart because of Liberals like you. This show is funny and a good laugh helps mind, body, and soul.

May 9, 2007. Subject: Let me get this right!

Let me get this right, you believe that Mr. Soros does not affect the balance of truth. The left will someday realize that
most "folks" see why the "left bias" contributes to division in this country.

I will hold my breath to see a retraction
of your long held truths, the day after
the elections.

Please pray to GOD, he will listen.

There is "Knee Mail" God does know
and remembers.

May 9, 2007. Subject: So Sad

Your website just proves any group of assholes can create their own website.

May 9, 2007. Subject: Gerhaldo, Blacks, Rosie & Paris

Shawn, Do you really think you will ever hear any Mexican or any Black, say anything or put the blame on any of their counterparts. Gerhaldo cannot do it, nor can any Black. You can hear it with your own ears and they still will not agree with you. They cannot or will not take or put blame on their cohorts. Rosie is a moron... Paris Hilton is not hot, I am 70 and I would not give her a second look.

May 9, 2007. Subject: O'Riley

So, you are at it again. Because you liberals have been caught in so many lies and made up stories, not to mention the double standards that liberals can do what they want and conservatives are wrong whatever they do, you have decided to try and defame another conservative. When will you people learn that conservatives are not dumb and only the liberals need the less educated vote to get anywhere. You could care less about minorities until you need their votes and then when you get them, you cast the people aside again. But then again it's not your fault that your mind is so simple that it is perceptive only to the thoughts of a billionaire trying to buy the country.

May 11, 2007. Subject: bill cunningham

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, that Bill Cunningham. This is a man with the kahonies to speak the truth about who is responsible if we have another attack. KUDOS TO YOU BILL!!!!

May 17, 2007. Subject: News Hounds???

I just stumbled accross you site. A more appropriate label would be "news whores to the uninformed." Just how much do you get to f*ck with the real facts?

May 17, 2007. Subject: get a life

You need to get a real life...seriously....a real
life. What is wrong with this country, I can count
hundreds of problems, can be traced to people just
like you and the way you report your crap.

Comment: These are interesting times.