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Grab the Heartburn Pills. Mark Rudov Is Back!

Reported by Marie Therese - May 20, 2007 -

Recently, it's become obvious that Neil Cavuto has decided that male chauvinist Mark Rudov deserves a regular spot on his "premier business" show. This comes as no surpise, since Cavuto repeatedly airs clips that reduce women to sex objects. Rudov's particularly slimy brand of chauvinism would naturally appeal to the FOX News host. Whenever the segment airs, Rudov is pitted against FOX News Legal Analyst Lis Wiehl, who presents the woman's side of the argument. The duo most recently appeared on Friday's show (5-18-07) to discuss John Edwards' campaign promises to female voters. This kind of segment has nothing to do with "business" - so what else is new? - and demonstrates once more that no one who is serious about the markets or finance would pay any attention to Neil Cavuto. The video is below the fold. However, I would first go to your medicine chest and grab a large bottle of antacid!