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Cavuto Presents Unbalanced View of the Immigration Debate.

Reported by Marie Therese - May 20, 2007 -

On Friday May 18th on his business show Your World, Neil Cavuto presented two guests representing different views of the immigration reform bill recently hammered out in Congress. However, there was a third POV present - that of FOX News itself, During a very slanted "report" FOX correspondent William La Jeunesse, who had attended an immigration rally in Los Angeles, made it obvious that he believed these immigrants were ingrates. To back up his hypothesis, he offered up some really dubious, edited clips. Even though pro-immigration guest Michael Wildes, mayor of Englewood, NJ, came across better than the opposing guest, Colorado's Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo, La Jeunesse's "report" tilted the scales against the bill. When you add this to Cavuto's defense of Tancredo's position, it became clear that Cavuto wanted his viewers to know in no uncertain terms that FOX News has taken the position that this is a bad piece of legislation. With video.

In his efforts to make something out of nothing, La Jeunesse aired several clips taken out of context that he claimed showed how ungrateful these illegal immigrants were.

However, one would be hard pressed to view these clips of marchers as proof of La Jeunesse's overblown contention that these immigrants "could care less about American culture, values or leadership." He ended his screed by saying "The rule of law? Not so lucky, as decades of border enforcement look ridiculous as lawmakers reward lawbreakers. And, Neil, another winner, of course, is Mexico. They get that $50 billion remittances annually. Losers? The border states who only get half the fence that they were promised."

La Jeunesse left very little doubt as to where FOX News stands on this issue.

In the ensuing segments, Tom Tancredo came across as mean-spirited, petty and angry.

Michael Wildes, however, was excellent and his interview went a long way towards defusing the nastiness of the prior two segments.