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Bill O'Reilly has lock on the truth about "amnesty" bill - it's conspiracy to make America a one-party nation

Reported by Chrish - May 19, 2007 -

Again, Bill O'Reilly devoted Talking Points Memo and Top Story segments tonight 5/18/07 to the proposed immigration reform bill, which he insists on labelling an "amnesty" bill. He promised viewers, in the sternest tone, to explain to them why White House spokesman Tony Snow was wrong to deny it is an amnesty bill, and why Pat Buchanan is also wrong to claim it will do nothing to secure the southern border.
With video.

O'Reilly first breaks the issue down for viewers according to ideology, neatly summarizing and labelling everything:

- Right-wing radio wants to round every illegal "alien" up with government force and deport them all... which'll never happen, never.

- Conservatives want the border secured, first and foremost, and he agrees.

- Independents just want to stop the madness and are willing to compromise; some kind of residency arrangement for border security, with a limit on immigration numbers and deportation for crooks and bums.

- Liberals expect no accountability. They are wrong.

- The farleft (it is now one word) which includes Senators Reid and Kennedy are trying to engineer the destruction of the Republican party, making America a one-party nation.

He claimed that many in the "liberal media" want a one-party system, and cited 4 major newspapers that "seemed to want" even more foreign nationals to come to America. 20 million (the magic number he flashed all evening) is not enough for them.

Check out these editorials; the common thread is that they debunk the bogeyman "amnesty." It appears BOR counts on his viewers not doing any reading or analysis of their own; he just throws out more "bogeyman", familiar enemies: LATimes, Baltimore Sun, SanFrancisco Chronicle, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

If the bill, which he repeated IS amnesty, does not pass, ten million more illegals will come in anyway, the chaos will double, and things will get even worse.

Hey, wait a minute. That's an S-P attitude, saying something is wrong in America and needs changing, and he's the t-warrior!

He brought on one guest, Enrique Morones of "Border Angels," who contends that this is not an amnesty bill because it exacts a price from the illegal immigrants who will have conditions on their visas. ( O'Reilly tips his hand that he's never been poor in hs life when he says to Morones dismissively that coming up with $5,000 over eight years is not a big deal. To him it's not; the $52/month a person would have to put away is only the cost of joining his website inner circle, but to a struggling family it's heat, tires, food, gas - it makes a tough life tougher. Not that they can't or shouldn't do it, he just waves off their struggle.)

He demanded a yes or no answer from Morones, if he would be happy if Hispanics became the majority in this country. Morones refused to answer the question, saying it's irrelevant, and finally said we're all human, it's not about race.

O'Reilly's real fears surfaced when he expressed the opinion (stated as fact, of course) that an influx of poor Mexicans, who he has said will vote Democratic 3:1 over Republican, will change the country. Morones doesn't think that's necessarily a bad thing, saying things are not going in a good direction now. O'Reilly sees an opening (it's a theme of his that "secular progressives," or anyone who is not in complete agreement with him, want to change America) and demanded to know what's wrong with America now?

Morones said more was good with America than wrong, but pointing to the one-party governance of the past six years, said he'd like to see a multi-party system, not just two-party.

O'Reilly chastened Morones, that he ought to be happy, "you guys won," and ended the segment.

FOX is pushing the "amnesty" talking point so loudly it's a "screaming point."