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O'Reilly "reluctantly" accepts Immigration bill, fears demographic consequences

Reported by Chrish - May 18, 2007 -

No surprise, O'Reilly's Talking Points Memo tonight 5/17/07 was about the Senate's proposed Immigration bill (corrected 11AM). O'Reilly, or as he calls himself "Talking Points," reluctantly supported the bill as the best we're going to get.

Calling it the "Amnesty Bill," he said it would immediately legalize about 12 million illegal immigrants and 2 million family members. He summarized that all illegals who came to the US before january 1, 2007, would be given a z-visa and a chance to earn citizenship. (Comment: How is the US government going to certify when people came across if they have no documentation? Just asking.) Criminals and people without jobs will be asked to leave. A $5,000 fine/fee must be paid (over 8 years) and according to BillO, the head of the household must return to their country of origin to get another visa. (According to Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez on The Big Story earlier, a person only has to go "home" for another visa if he/she is seeking a green card, not for the new z-visa.) Nothing will happen, he said, until the southern border is secured, which Homeland Security says will take about 18 months, and will include doubling of border patrol, 370 miles of fence, and more technology being installed. Anybody who entered illegally after Jan. 1 would be barred from ever becoming a citizen, and the bill also steps up punishment against businesses who hire illegals without z-visas.

As mentioned, Talking Points O'Reilly reluctantly supports the legislation, but complains that it's not fair, it will drastically change the country's demographics, and will have unintended consequences.

He cited the new census, which says America is now 1/3 minority, and in 4 states (Texas, New Mexico, California, and "Wa-ee") whites are now the minority. (Comment: The white people in the minority in those four states, do they count in the overall 1/3 minority figures? We're going to need a more specific term than minority. If whites become the minority, then "minorities" will be the majority and we'll be confused. Even if minorities aren't the majority but neither are whites in the majority, who will be the minority? Will there be greater and lesser minorities?)

With the infusion of 20 to 30 million new citizens in the next ten years, the landscape will dramatically change. Ted Kennedy is the happiest guy in America tonight because this amnesty is a boon to the Democratic party, as most new citizens will become Democrats because of 1. entitlements and 2. peer pressure.

O'Reilly ruefully shook his head and said he'd go with it, because there's nothing better comin' down the pike.

Guests to discuss the issue were Dr. Raoul Hinojosa , a professor at UCLA, and Dr. Steve Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. (As noted in a previous post, "CIS describes itself as “independent” and “nonpartisan,” but its studies, reports, and media releases consistently support its restrictionist agenda and works closely on Capitol Hill with Republican Party immigration restrictionists.")

Camarota was clearly disappointed, saying one side got what it wanted and the other side got nothing. He complained that immigration will grow from 1 to 1.5 miilion per year, and even if the border is not secure in 18 months, the z-visas will go into effect. it can only happen earlier than 18 months if Bush declares the border secure. O'Reilly said that this will tamp down future illegal immigration, but Camarota reponded that the bill solves no current problems, such as overcrowding in schools and job competition. He wants the current laws enforced, sending as many home as possible. To reward all the lawbreakers, and then go forward to restore the rule of law, won't work - we've tried it before.

O'Reilly told him that it's going to pass, and Camarota said it's not a done deal. If the public doesn't like it, and calls their Senators, it won't pass. O'Reilly reiterated that he thinks it going to pass and turned to his other guest.

Comment: Hm, Interesting. O'Reilly exhorts his viewers to activism all the time - in fact, later in the show he gives out a Vermont newspaper publisher's phone number and email address and rallies the troops to inundate the man over something to do with an editorial about O'Reilly's stalking of a state representative (and pretending it is for the children, even though it is pure punitive revenge on O'reilly's part.) If he is so influential, and he's so reluctant to see this legislation pass, why isn't he telling viewers to call their Senators to voice opposition to this bill?

Hinojosa doesn't like the legislation either, but for different reasons. He said the z-visas will keep people "underground" for 8-13 years until they get citizenship, which creates a second tier of people who we should want to more rapidly integrate into the US economy.

O'Reilly offered to hit him with some facts to explain why politicians wouldn't go his route, immediate amnesty for everybody: 60% of the 12 million are high school drop outs; low earners are costing each American $19,000 to supplement needs such as hospitals, schools, etc. (He interrupted himself to command Hinojosa "don't shake your head," which he was doing vigorously. Control freak.) So the government has to "stretch it out" because we can't afford the high cost of mass amnesty all at once.

Hinojosa rebutted that studies of past amnesties show that assimilating people more quickly allows them to earn more, faster, spend more, and to pursue higher education, incorporating them better into society. He also objects to the "guest worker program" which apparently allows 400,000 people to work here for 2 years, and then they have to go back home. Asked by O'Reilly how long he'd give them, Hinojosa started to talk about Dept. of Labor and Social Security figures that indicate we need a lot more (workers) just to keep us up to...

O'Reilly, laughing condescendingly, interrupted to say OK, you're not satisfied with 20-30 million foreign nationals becoming residents of the US - that, to him, is astounding. Astounding! Because the demographic change - well, "the Republican party will probably be wiped out. And that's what this is all about, with Ted Kennedy." Hinojosa denied that, but O'Reilly insisted, and further declared that 3:1, the new citizens are going to register Democratic over Republican, and that's going to wipe out the Republican Party - we're going to have a one-party system because of this!

Camarota agreed, and said that Republicans are finished if they vote for this. It's a disaster for Republicns: as bad as the status quo is, it's better than this legislation.

O'Reilly said that short of Gestapo kicking in doors, there's no way to control this by rounding up people. Camarota replied that if we cut off illegal immigrants from jobs, education, in-state tuition, drivers licenses, they'd make the rational decision and go home, where statistically most of them have or have had employment. O'Reilly said there's no will in this country to do that, and Camarota corrected that there's no will in this administration to do that.

O'Reilly said that it's got to be stopped or the country will just evaporate, so if they get the border under control, he'll reluctantly go along.

Comment: O'Reilly stopped short of "Make more babies!" but barely.