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BillOReilly.com parasitically siphoning web hits off Michael Moore

Reported by Chrish - May 18, 2007 -

People looking for more information on Michael Moore's newest documentary, "Sicko," (which premiers at the Cannes Film Festival tomorrow night) may not find what they're looking for right away. Typing sickomovie.com or sickofilm.com into your web browser will bring you directly to billoreilly.com - how's that for exploitation?

Thanks to Jason for the tip.

One explanation from a reader (unconfirmed):
The guy in NZ (Michael Readman) does this as a business. He buys up domain names that will be hot (like the sicko film ones), deliberately redirects them to websites the people wouldn't want to visit, and then offers to sell the domain names to those who would be the proper owners for a hefty profit. If they don't buy, the domains will continue to shunt people off to unrelated sites--in this case, billoreilly.com.

He recently pulled the same trick with a domain name using the title of one of NZ's political parties. He bought it up and had it redirect to the homepage of the American KKK, then demanded thousands of dollars to give it up.

AMENDED 5/20 3PM: My headline may be interpreted by some that I think the redirection is the work of Bill O'Reilly and/or his staff (oh, who am I kidding? his staff) at BillOReilly.com. It is poorly worded; I apologize for the incorrect insinuation.