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Big Story keeps viewers up to date on "important news "

Reported by Chrish - May 18, 2007 -

The Big Story wrapped up the week today Friday 5/18/07 with guest host Julie Banderas navigating the important and necessary news for America. We received in depth details, follow up, and behind the scenes info to flesh out the stories.

A man assaults a woman in a church. It's all caught on surveillance camera (yes, in a church; we saw at least four angles) and the cops have arrested a suspect. Lots of unsavory details of the assault and repeated loops of video. Isn't it disgusting?

Immigration bill under fire from liberals and conservatives and immigrants themselves. It must suck; nobody's happy. Is this amnesty? Actually, not a bad debate; the only useful information in the whole hour. The one man favoring the bill (Frank Sharry, Nat'l Imm Forum ) was put on defense by Banderas while guest calling it amnesty (Congressman Pence, R-IN) was fed leading questions. Still not bad. 6 minutes.

That darling little girl, Madeleine, is still missing in Portugal. A man who might be a suspect rented a car shortly after she disappeared and the rental clerk said he was acting suspicious. I bet he did it!

Mary Jo Connery, ex-wife of Joey Buttafuoco, weighed in on Joey's recent date with Amy Fisher, aka the Long Island Lolita, who tried to kill Connery back when she and the still-married Joey were first dating. They're back - isn't it romantic? Mary Jo has lost hearing and sight on one side due to the whole tawdry situation. Isn't it tragic? But she's grateful and feels blessed to be alive and functioning. Isn't it upifting?

Two injured humpback whales in California are being lured back to sea by scientists. "This story is so touching. Animal lovers are heartbroken..." real quote, Julie Banderas.

A woman standing in knee-deep water at an Australian beach was bitten by a shark. A mother of five, she was holding her baby on her hip and had a toddler at her feet. How scary!

Finally! Time for Paris Hilton! "Only" 23 days, with a roomie, not Nicole Ritchie. The three-woman panel thinks she can profit from it with increased popularity, and FOX gets yet another opportunity to run sexy footage of the drunk driver. Righteous!

Anheuser Busch is discontinuing a product which the Big Story was first to announce looks like nail polish. How weird.

Missing mother Lisa Stebic still missing. New details on FBI search of her home and interviews with neighbors and family. The marriage was unhappy, loud, and tumultuous. How sad.

Lastly, an interview with Kanye West's mom/manager, about raising a hip-hop superstar. Mom was an English professor, so how did he end up using those words in his music? Interview cut short (mid-sentence, actually) as time ran out.