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Fox Guest Says Prince Harry Not Going To Iraq - A Big Mess

Reported by Donna - May 17, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they had the very right wing, neoconservative, Colonel David Hunt on to discuss the fact that Prince Harry is no longer going to war after the UK said he would.

Hunt said that it was bad news that Harry was not going to Iraq, it was a terrible idea. He said that Harry's group was a great group but this spoke to class distinction. He added that it was all right for kids from East London to go but the rich don't have to, the Prince didn't have to go.

Hunt pointed out that in a war everyone is a target and the Prince had trained with his unit He said that if Prince and Princesses and sons and daughters of Presidents went to war we might have less of them. (Comment: On this point I do agree) Hunt went on to say that this was not a good story for anyone and the British government had not handled this one well.

Under the banner of 'Royal Reversal' Gretchen Carlson also spoke with Rob Chilton from OK Magazine who said that he didn't think it was the government's fault but the MOD's (Ministry of Defense). He asked what was the point in training him in the first place. He said that all the to and fro made them look bad.

Carlson asked Hunt if he thought that the three soldiers that got kidnapped last week had anything to do with it and Hunt said he believed it did. He added that Prince Harry was going to have his own bodyguards and this also made it look like the MOD couldn't p;rotect it's own soldiers. He said he believed that our guys being caught and captured had a lot to do with it.

Comments: We report you decide. To have been fair and balanced, though, they should have had someone on who agreed that it was a good thing for Prince Harry not to go, but this was not done.