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Bancroft Family, Beware! Murdoch Will Turn the Wall Street Journal into the "Wall Street Jiggle"!

Reported by Marie Therese - May 17, 2007 -

Neil Cavuto's obsession with lingerie, sexually suggestive video clips and loose women is the stuff of comedy. Yesterday, the pudgy, baby-faced Vice President for Business at FOX News scheduled another interview with buxom porn-star-turned-Republican Mary Carey. (Cf. Melanie's 2006 post for more information.) What on earth does this watered-down-Jayne-Mansfield wannabe have to do with the stock market? More importantly, how on earth could the Bancroft family, owners of Dow Jones, ever consider selling their high-class, respected company to Rupert Murdoch, a man who permits a voyeur like Cavuto to waste national air time on bimbos with big boobs? Is this what the Bancrofts want the Wall Street Journal to turn into - a sleazy outlet for tawdry titillation? With video.

Cavuto opened the segment with a lower chyron that read "MARY ON PARIS?". That double entendre set the stage for what followed.

Mary Carey dressed like a little girl, a caricature of a caricature of a baby doll. She simpered and giggled her way through a stupid piece of commentary about poor little rich girl Paris Hilton, who might have to spend some time in jail. Throughout the entire interview, Carey made goo-goo eyes at Cavuto and ended the segment with a blatant proposition. Unbelievable!

Cavuto scheduled Ms. Carey for one reason and one reason only - to pander to the prurient fantasies of the repressed conservatives who watch his show. I doubt that any of the men who watched this segment could tell anyone what the topic was except, perhaps, the moment Ms. Carey commented that she would probably do OK in jail because of her participation in "girl-girl movies."

I sincerely hope the members of the Bancroft family, who are in negotiations right now with Rupert Murdoch, refuse his offer for Dow Jones. Otherwise, that venerable and respected publication can look forward to print and online content similar to what follows in this video.