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Macho Men At The Debate?

Reported by Donna - May 16, 2007 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today they had a segment on about the Republican debate last night. Again we heard how well Fox had done with the debate but this time we had a Democratic strategist and a Republican strategist to give us other details.

First they went to Carl Cameron who said that it seemed that Giuliani had won when he changed from abortion to security. Smith talked about Romney wanting to double the size of Gitmo. They spoke about Romney and Giuliani saying yes to waterboarding and McCain saying no.

Then he moved to Jane Fleming, Democratic strategist, and Peter Snyder, Republican strategist, who spoke about the debate. Snyder said that Giuliani did well, but he didn't do well until he spoke about 9/11. He said who really did well was someone who wasn't even there last night, Fred Thompson.

Fleming said it was more of the same, supporting Bush's failed policy in Iraq, supporting torture and waterboarding, acting like macho guys. Well, she said that we already had a macho guy in the White House and the country didn't want that. Smith said they did seem to wrap their arms around the war and Snyder said that Republican primary voters didn't want to lose.

Smith said that maybe the parliment would vote on not having us there and Fleming reminded him that the Iraqi Parliment had already voted to have us leave Iraq. Fleming mentioned that it wasn't good for Giuliani to put all his eggs into one basket, i.e., 9/11. Snyder said something about lots of prayer and Fleming said they were trying to throw a Hail Mary and it wasn't working.

Comment: Even though they started out with just Carl Cameron who is highly partisan, they did go to the Democratic and Republican strategist. Fleming seemed to hold her own against a weaker Snyder.

I saw the same thing that Fleming saw last night - a bunch of macho guys trying to outdo each other. Do we really want another macho guy in the White House? It also sounded like the Republican strategist wasn't happy with any of the candidates last night, he was touting Fred Thompson, who isn't even running yet.